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Computer Science


The Department of Computer Science offers BSc, MSc Computer Science & M.Sc. (IT). The department has well qualified, experienced and committed faculty to provide quality education to the students. The Department Infrastructure fulfils the requirements of academics, supports research and learning skills on the latest technology in the field of IT.

The students are moulded with multi-dimensional skill sets covering all the required graduate attributes. More focus is emphasized on the practical learning and applying logic as per day requirements. The students are placed with quality & skills. Students are exposed to global challenges and encouraged to take up projects in this direction.

Scope of the course

Computer Science is one of the most sought after courses by Indian students, thanks to the software and IT boom of the past two decades. Apart from putting India on the global map, computer science has pretty much changed the whole landscape of how people live. Right from social media to the genomics revolution, computer science has played a central role in many of the greatest technological innovations and developments of the 21st century.

Most students take up computer science as their undergraduate majorly because of the huge number of job opportunities in India’s software and IT industry. But, there is so much more to computer science than just software and IT. A degree in computer science exposes students to both theoretical as well as practical aspects of computer science. By the time undergraduate studies are over, they would have barely scratched the surface of this vast and burgeoning field. Over the past two decades, computer science has evolved rapidly and has produced remarkable acceleration and innovation not just in the world of internet and artificial intelligence but also in diverse fields such as banking, electronics, biology, chemistry, medicine and healthcare, to name a few.

Faulty Name:Dr.T. Kumanan
Total no of Experience: 20 years

Faulty Name:Mrs.Subha M
Designation:Associate Professor
Qualification:M.Sc., M.Phil., (PhD)
Total no of Experience:12 years

Faulty Name:Mrs.Vijaya S
Designation:Assistant Professor
Total no of Experience:7 years

Faulty Name:Mrs.Sivagami E
Designation:Assistant Professor
Total no of Experience:7 years

Faulty Name: Mrs.Sridevi G
Designation:Assistant Professor
Total no of Experience:7 years


Online Test:
we are organizing and conducting aptitudeand technical oriented test.

To keep pace for the demanding word, we give trainings, opportunities
and motivate students with excellent knowledge.

we are conducting seminars for the students by external resources.

Job prospects:
There are bright career prospects available for computer science students in the current demanding IT world. With the opening of huge software and IT companies in India, the job opportunities for computer students have increased considerably. India is known to be a leader in software and IT sector.
Computer science pass outgraduates find job opportunities in a variety of environments like academia, research, industry, government, private, business organizations and so on.
The software and IT companies are the major employers of computer science graduates. They offer the best packages to the young graduates which are unmatched with other branches of science.
List of career oriented opportunities available in the field of Computer and IT:

Computer Systems Analyst

  • Analyze data processing problems to improve computer systems
  • Develop and test system design procedures
  • Enhance system compatibility so information can be shared easily

Software Application Developer

  • Design or customize computer Applications software
  • Modify existing software to optimize operational efficiency or correct errors
  • Evaluate software requirements and user needs to determine software feasibility

Database Administrator

  • Test and administer computer databases
  • Coordinate changes and correct errors to computer databases
  • Apply security measures to safeguard information

Software Systems Developer

  • Design, develop and test various software for a variety of industries
  • Alter existing software to correct errors or improve performance
  • Analyze data to identify, recommend and plan new system installations or modifications

Software Quality Assurance (QA) tester

  • Develop test plans to identify software errors
  • Create and maintain a database to track software defects
  • Review software documentation to confirm accuracy and mitigate risk

Game Developers

  • Game developers, more specifically known as video game developers or video game designers, are software developers and engineers who create video games.
  • Game developers may be involved in various aspects of a game's creation from concept and story writing to the coding and programming.
  • game developer include audio, design, production and visual arts.

Web Designers

  • Web designers use their creative and software programming skills to design, build and improve websites.
  • Web designer understand user experience and are able to build websites that are easy to understand, navigate and use, and adhere to design standards and specifications.
  • Web designers are sometimes known as a front-end developer.

Web Developer

  • Write, design or edit web page content, or direct others producing content
  • Identify and correct problems uncovered by testing or user feedback
  • Back up website files for immediate recovery in case of problems