The need of the hour is to create an attitudinal shift and perspective, as well as to create a platform to provide entrepreneurial opportunity to innovative minds. With relation to creating more awareness and to encourage entrepreneurial aspects in students and faculty of our University a proposal was submitted to Planning and Monitoring Board and BOM with initiation of Innovation council and Incubation centre. The approval for initiating the innovation council and Incubation centre was approved in BOM on 10-6-2020 and the MAHER Incubation centre was implemented on 8th July 2020 to enable a robust  innovation and incubation program for healthcare start-up. 

The institute further expanded the implemented of the Institutional Innovation council on 9th December 2020 under the guidelines of Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Our Thrust Areas

Medical biotechnology

To develop and produce pharmaceutical and diagnostic products that are used to treat and cure human diseases. In medical science and technology, this is a very vast field with a lot of career options to choose from

Medical education

Research aiming at advancing the science of learning to improving the outcomes of medical trainees and the patients they care for.

Tissue engineering & 3D printing

Research aiming at principles of tissue engineering to develop new products for regenrative medicine

Digital health

To evaluate investment opportunities that are filling market gaps in health care. Explore how data tracking and digital technologies can revolutionize health care.

Internet of Things (IoT) in health care

To develop system of wireless, interrelated, and connected digital devices that can process without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction

Energy conservation in healthcare

To develop products that minimizes the use of energy in health care devices / equipments in hospitals / clinics

Point of care in healthcare - devices, diagnosis, monitoring

Developing electronic documentation, novel devices for diagnosis, monitoring and treatment

Artificial intelligence in health care

Machine learning /deep learning to diagnose , monitor and treat patients more precisely and to treat them more effectively


Upcoming Events

➤ Quarter-I MAHER-IIC council meeting on 27.10.2021

➤ IIC driven activity on "Developing online repository of ideas developed and way forward plan" - Coming soon

➤ IIC driven activity on "My story - motivational session by successful innovator" - Coming soon

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