About Us

Meenakshi College of Nursing is affiliated with MAHER University with its inheritance of quality nursing education for over 23 years. The institution has committed itself in all spheres by perpetuating the knowledge, practice and research, by disseminating the standard of education; to impart a career that helps to save lives, bring contentment to individual and their families which evolve to address the needs of the society worldwide. Meenakshi College of Nursing is committed to offer its students with a quality of education that is more focused on the overall development of the individual. It is accomplished by transforming the quality of life through innovative curriculum design, teaching methodologies and simulated learning with modern teaching aids which uncover the intellectual capacity of each individual with a diverse college campus.  The parent hospital is a 720 bedded facility which is at a distance of 500 Meters. It is highly equipped, technologized and managed by professionalized health care team. We offer rigorous core learning in a time- honoured reputation to work in the community with dedication and compassion as a highly professionalised nurse in identifying and safeguarding public health. We impart the best nursing education that integrates quality improvement, professional development, current technology and cost -effectiveness for our students and faculty with a unique discipline. The MAHER University has NAAC accreditation and meets ISO standards.

The Meenakshi College of Nursing is housed in a luxurious, three-stored building  that has all the necessary amenities for learning the full range of nursing subjects including:

  • A Unitary ICT enabled Classrooms for quality Nursing Education
  • Skill training laboratories for all core Nursing subjects (Nursing Foundation, Advanced Clinical Nursing, Child Health Nursing, Obstetrics and Gynaecological Nursing, Community Health Nursing and Nutrition)
  • Well-equipped Library holding more than 4500 books, National and International Journals which is digitalized inclusive of RFID.
  • A computer lab is well fitted with computers and Internet facility providing access to digital library (KNIMBUS) as well.