Obstetrics and Gynaecological Nursing

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Nursing is endowed in dealing with women in relation to her reproductive organs, prenatal, intranatal and postnatal period. It aims in preparing the undergraduate and post graduate students to cater the needs of women and children and ensure responsibility and quality in providing nursing care, education and research. The department trains the students with specialised knowledge and skill to excel in extended and expanded nursing roles especially in the communities with an evidence-based practice. Experienced nursing faculty members with doctoral qualification are an added up strength to the department which encourages the Faculty and student to actively involves in rendering nursing care to the obstetrics and gynaecological needs of the women and new-born.


  1. Implementation of standardized nursing care according to the current national policies, procedures and protocols.
  2. Integrate nursing process through logical / critical thinking and decision making in various obstetrics and gynaecological settings.
  3. Emphasize on culturally sensitive, family centred holistic nursing care to promote self-learning attitude among the students.
  4. Accredit and empower women along with their family to promote optimal health physically and mentally through health education and counselling.
  5. Participate in the collaborative care and motivate students to engage in Inter-disciplinary research.
  6. Execute research and innovative activities through awareness programs for social and professional development.
  7. Observes health related days by participating in various patient care and community activities.

Assessment Strategies: OSCE – Objective Structure Clinical examination is used to assess the various skills performed by the students in different clinical situations.