Medical Surgical Nursing

The Department of Medical Surgical Nursing deals with courses related to Adult Health Nursing including Geriatric within the framework of the curriculum adopted from Indian Nursing Council.

This department acts as a foundation for the development of qualified professionals which exhibit excellence in the nursing education, practice, administration and research. It deals with Nursing Foundations, Medical Surgical Nursing, Advanced Nursing Practice and super speciality for the Post-Graduate students. The department has a highly qualified, skilled, proficient and broad base of experienced faculty with their various accomplishments in the field of research who make uses of their various innovative teaching strategies. The department provides an environment for the students as an advocates and health educators to promote health and to prevent disease to the patient, family, and community. The entry-level Medical-Surgical Nursing focuses on protocols and standardised care plans to make nursing decisions based on scientific knowledge.


  1. Involve in teaching programmes of B.Sc. Nursing (Basic), B.Sc. Nursing (Post Basic) and M.Sc. Nursing.
  2. Promotes Knowledge on convalescence and rehabilitation requirements for patients and their families. 
  3. Instills superior observation and evaluation skills in documenting symptoms, responses to medical management.
  4. Help the students in developing, planning, implementing, evaluating, documenting, and managing nursing care for patient and their families.
  5. Prepares guidelines for the department and prepare students to take part in clinical administration.
  6. Observes health related days by participating in various patient care and community activities.
  7. Ensures critical evaluation of faculty & the student’s activities in the department of medical surgical nursing 

Assessment Strategies: OSCE – Objective Structure Clinical examination is used to assess the various skills performed by the students in different clinical situations.