Club Activities

Health & fitness

This club aims to create awareness on the maintenance of health and fitness among students. Through this club students undergo periodical health check-ups, vaccinations and regular health maintenance activities.

Fine Arts –Soft skills in English

The goal of this club is to develop effective communication skills (both spoken and written) and presentation skillswhich helps to become self-confident individuals by mastering interpersonal skills, team management skills and leadership skills.

Lamp Lighting

It is a significant event in the life of a student nurse as this ceremony marks the beginning of initial training and donning of a nurse’s uniform for the first time. The students light lamps and take the Florence Nightingale pledge, promising to uphold ethical standards. Here light not only symbolizes knowledge which removes ignorance and is a lasting wealth by which lots could be achieved but it also signifies the enlightenment, experience, hope, love, comfort, and positivity driving away from the negativity that darkens everything.

Extracurricular Activities

“Do something now that your future self will appreciate later.” The Meenakshi College of Nursing provides opportunity for students to improve their talents and learn new ones through workshops, sessions, and events. These activities encourage the students to understand their innate abilities in a safe environment. Involving in various extracurricular activities makes life more rewarding, stimulating and most importantly, enjoyable. It allows students to meet people who share their interests and ambitions and to enthusiastically pursue them. Some of the Non-academic activities conducted are as follows: 

  • Observing various National and International days of Importance
  • Yoga classes
  • Student Nurses Association activities
  • NSS and YRC activities
  • Green Environment Events
  • Field visits
  • School Health programmes