1.1.3 List of Courses Having Focus on Competency/Employability/Entrepreneurship/Skill Development

Course NameCourse CodeProgram NameCompetencyEmployabilityEntrepreneurshipSkill development
Anatomy1911& 1912MBBSXX
Physiology1913 & 1914MBBSXX
Biochemistry1915 & 1916MBBSXX
Pathology1923 & 1924MBBSXX
Microbiology1921 & 1922MBBSXX
Pharmacology1925 & 1926MBBSXX
Forensic Medicine and Toxicology1931MBBSXX
General medicine 1941 & 1942MBBSXX
General surgery 1943 & 1945MBBSXX
Obstetrics and Gynecology 1946 & 1947MBBSXX
Community Medicine 1934 & 1935MBBSXX
General Pathology, Pathophysiology, Immunopathology and20141MD (Pathology)X
Recent Advances and Applied Aspects20124MD (Pathology)XX
 Health Policy planning, Medical Education technology, Information Technology, Integration of alternative Health system including AYUSH, Occupational Health, Recent advances in Public Health & Miscellaneous issues, Health Economics20164MD (Community Medicine)X
Basic Science as applied to Dermatology, STDs and Leprosy20061MD (DVL)X
Dermatology20062MD (DVL)
STD & Leprosy20063MD (DVL)
Recent advances in field of Dermatology, Applied Sciences pertaining to skin /VD & internal medicine and skin20064MD (DVL)
Basic Sciences as related to Psychiatry20181MD (Psychiatry)XX
Clinical Psychiatry20182MD (Psychiatry)
Psychiatric Theory and Psychiatric Specialties20183MD (Psychiatry)
Neurology and General Medicine as related to Psychiatry20184MD (Psychiatry)
Applied Basic sciences20031MS (OBG)
Obstetrics including Social Obstetrics and Diseases of New Born20032MS (OBG)
Gynaecology including Fertility Regulation20033MS (OBG)
Recent Advances in Obstetrics & Gynaecology20034MS (OBG)
Basic Sciences related to Radiology (consists of Anatomy, Pathology, Basic and Radiation Physics, Imaging Techniques, and Film Processing)20051MD (Radio Diagnosis)XX
Chest, CVS, CNS including Head & Neck, Eye, ENT, Musculo-Skeletal, Pediatric Radiology and Mammography
20052MD (Radio Diagnosis)
Abdominal Imaging including GI, GU, Hepatobiliary, endocrine Metabolic, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Interventional radiology20053MD (Radio Diagnosis)
Recent Advances, Nuclear Medicine; Radiology related to Clinical Specialties20054MD (Radio Diagnosis)
Principles and Practices of Otolaryngology20102MS (ENT)
Recent Advances in Otolaryngology and Head Neck surgery20103MS (ENT)
General Surgical Principles and Head-Neck Surgery20104MS (ENT)
Clinical Neurology 1402DM NeurologyXXX
Investigatory Neurology1403DM NeurologyXXX
General Gastroenterology including Paediatric and Preventive Gastroenterology1412DM GastroenterologyXXX
Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic Diseases1413DM GastroenterologyXXX
Basic Science applied to the Speciality1421M.Ch. UrologyX
General Adult & Paediatric Urology 1422M.Ch. Urology
Regional Systemic Urology 1423M.Ch. Urology
Recent Advances in the Speciality1424M.Ch. Urology
Basic Science applied to the Speciality1431D.M. CardiologyX
Clinical Cardiology 1432D.M. Cardiology
Hemodynamics Therapeutics and Intervention1433D.M. Cardiology
Recent Advances in the Speciality1434D.M. Cardiology
Gross Anatomy1101MD (Anatomy)
Embryology, Microscopic Anatomy and Genetics1102MD (Anatomy)
Neuroanatomy1103MD (Anatomy)
Applied Human Anatomy and Recent Advances in Anatomical Sciences1104MD (Anatomy)
General Human Anatomy including Embryology and Histology2114BDS (Anatomy)XXX
General Human Physiology and Biochemistry2115BDSXXX
Dental Anatomy, Embryology & Oral Histology2116BDS XX
General and Dental Pharmacology and Therapeutics2125BDS X
Dental materials2126BDSXX
Pre-clinical Prosthodontics2127BDSX
Pre-clinical Conservative Dentistry2128BDS XX
General Medicine2136BDS XX
General Surgery2137BDS XXX
Oral Pathology & Oral Microbiology2138BDS X
Public Health Dentistry2171BDS X
Periodontology2172BDS X
Orthodontics and Orofacial Orthopaedics2173BDS X
Oral Medicine and Radiology2174BDS X
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery2175BDS X
Conservative Dentistry in Endodontics2176BDS X
Prosthodontics and Crown and Bridge2177BDS X
Paediatric and Preventive Dentistry2178BDS X
Applied Basic Sciences - Part 16115MDS (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery)XXX
(Paper I)
Minor Oral Surgery & Maxillofacial Trauma part-2 (Paper I)6116MDS (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery)X
Maxillofacial Surgery-paper III6117MDS (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery)X
Essay-Part II (paper III)6118MDS (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery)XX
Applied Basic sciences6125MDS (Periodontology)XXX
Normal Periodontal structures, etiology & pathogenesis of periodontal diseases6126MDS (Periodontology)XXX
Periodontal Diagnosis, Therapy & Oral Implantology6127MDS (Periodontology)X
Essay writing in Periodontology ( with emphasis on Recent Advances)6128MDS (Periodontology)
Applied Sciences6135MDS (Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics)
Conservative Dentistry6136MDS (Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics)X
Endodontics6137MDS (Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics)X
Essay6138MDS (Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics)X
Applied Basic Sciences6145MDS(Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology and Oral Microbiology)X
Oral Pathology Oral Microbiology & Immunology and Forensic Odontology6146MDS (Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology and Oral Microbiology)X
Laboratory Techniques and Diagnosis and Oral Oncology 6147MDS (Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology and Oral Microbiology)X
Essay6148MDS (Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology and Oral Microbiology)XX
Applied Basic Sciences615MDS(Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics)XX
Diagnosis and Treatment Planning6156MDS (Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics)X
Clinical Orthodontics and Mechanotherapy6157MDS (Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics)X
Essay6158MDS (Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics)X
Applied Basic Sciences6165MDS (Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge)XXX
Removable Prosthodontics & Implantology6166MDS (Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge)XX
Fixed Prosthodontics6167MDS (Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge)XX
Essay6168MDS (Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge)XX
Applied sciences6175MDS(Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry)XX
Clinical Pediatric Dentistry6176MDS (Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry)X
Preventive and Community Dentistry as applied to Pediatric Dentistry6177MDS (Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry)X
Essay6178MDS (Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry)XX
Applied Sciences6185MDS – Public Health DentistryXX
Public Health6186MDS - Public Health DentistryXX
Dental Public Health6187MDS - Public Health DentistryX
Essay6188MDS - Public Health DentistryXX
Applied Basic Sciences6195MDS (Oral Medicine & Radiology)XXX
Diagnosis, Diagnostic Methods and Imageology and Applied Oral Pathology6196MDS (Oral Medicine & Radiology)XX
Oral Medicine, Therapeutics & Laboratory Investigations6197MDS (Oral Medicine & Radiology)XX
Essay6198MDS (Oral Medicine & Radiology)X
Applied Physics, Chemistry and Mechanics7010Diploma in Dental MechanicXXX
Dental mechanics (First year)7011Diploma in Dental MechanicXXX
Applied Oral Anatomy7012Diploma in Dental MechanicXXX
Dental Mechanics (Final year)7110Diploma in Dental MechanicX
Dental Materials and Metallurgy7111Diploma in Dental MechanicX
Basic Knowledge of Computer & Medical Records Management7112Diploma in Dental MechanicXX
Anatomy and Physiology4401B.Sc. NursingXXX
Nutrition and Biochemistry4402B.Sc. NursingXXX
Nursing Foundations4403B.Sc. NursingX
Psychology4404B.Sc. NursingXXX
Microbiology4405B.Sc. NursingXXX
English4406B.Sc. NursingXXX
Introduction to Computer4407B.Sc. NursingX
Sociology4411B.Sc. NursingXXX
Medical Surgical Nursing - I4412B.Sc. NursingX
Pharmacology, Pathology, Genetics4413B.Sc. NursingX
Community Health Nursing - I4414B.Sc. NursingX
Communication & Educational Technology4415B.Sc. NursingX
Medical Surgical Nursing - II4221B.Sc. NursingX
Child Health Nursing4222B.Sc. NursingX
Mental Health Nursing4223B.Sc. Nursing
Nursing Research & Statistics4224B.Sc. NursingX
Midwifery & Obstetrical Nursing4231B.Sc. Nursing
Community Health Nursing - II4232B.Sc. NursingX
Management of Nursing Services & Education4233B.Sc. NursingX
Anatomy -IPTCT001BPTXX
Basic Nursing and First AidPTCE002BPTXXX
Anatomy -IIPTCT004BPT
Exercise therapy with Soft Tissue Manipulation IPTCT007BPTXXX
Electrotherapy IPTCT013BPTX
Electrotherapy IIPTCT014BPTXX
Community physiotherapyPTCT022BPTXX
Physiotherapy in OrthopedicsPTCT023BPTXXX
Physiotherapy in Neurological sciencesPTCT024BPTXXX
Physiotherapy In Cardio-Respiratory Conditions PTCT025BPTXXX
Women's HealthPTCT019BPTXX
Physical and Functional DiagnosisPTCT020BPTXX
Rehabilitation MedicinePTCT021BPTXX
Applied Anatomy Kinesiology & PathomechanicsMPTCT001MPTXXX
Applied Physiology and Electro PhysiologyMPTCT002MPTXXX
Pharmacology for TherapeuticsMPTGE001MPTXXX
Biostatistics & Research Methodology MPTCT005MPTXXX
Education Pedagogy and AdministrationMPTCT004MPTXX
Exercise physiologyMPTCT006MPTXXX
Advanced clinicals for PaediatricsMPTCT007MPTX
Advanced assessment for Physiotherapy diagnosis in OrthopaedicsMPTCT008MPTXX
Physiology IOTCT002BOTXXX
General Psychology And SociologyOTCT003BOTXXX
Disaster ManagementOTDE001BOTXX
Effective English CommunicationOTAE001BOTXX
Basics of Computer (Or) Personality DevelopmentOTSE001BOTXX
Physiology IIOTCT005BOTXXX
Basic Occupational Therapy/ Analyzing Occupations and ActivitiesOTCT006BOTXX
Environmental ScienceOTDE002BOTXXX
General Medicine, Pediatrics and SurgeryOTCT007BOTXXX
ENT, Ophthalmology, PharmacologyOTCT008BOTXXX
Fundamentals for Occupational Therapy PracticeOTCT009BOTXX
Film Making (Or) Introduction To Public SpeakingOTSE002BOTXX
Clinical NeurologyOTCT010BOTXXX
Clinical Orthopedics with TraumatologyOTCT012BOTXXX
Microbiology and PathologyOTDE003BOTXXX
Introduction to Quality and Patient SafetyOTGE001BOTXXX
Community MedicineOTCT013BOTXXX
Health Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Clinical PsychiatryOTCT014BOTXXX
Occupational Therapy in PsychiatryOTCT015BOTXXX
Basic Nursing and First AidOTDE004BOTXX
Yoga for Occupational TherapyOTGE002BOTXXX
Basic Life Support Training (Or) Web DesigningOTSE003BOTXX
Occupational Therapy in PaediatricsOTCT016BOTXXX
Occupational Therapy In Orthopedics and NeurologyOTCT017BOTXXX
Biostatistics and Research MethodologyOTCT018BOTXX
Diagnostic Imaging for Occupational TherapyOTGE003BOTXXX
Rehabilitation MedicineOTCT019BOTXX
Clinical Cardio Respiratory and Work PhysiologyOTCT020BOTXX
Organization and Administration and Work Study in Occupational TherapyOTCT021BOTXX
Group Process in Occupational TherapyOTCT022BOTXXX
OT in RehabilitationOTCT023BOTXXX
Dramatics and MusicOTGE004BOTXXX
Principles of Anesthesia II5206B.Sc Anesthesia TechnologyX
Echocardiography5305B.Sc Cardio Pulmonary TechnologyX
Histopathology and Cytology Training5404B.Sc Medical Lab TechnologyXX
Pulmonary Bypass Complication 5505B.Sc Perfusion Technology XX
Equipment of Modern Imaging Modalities5704B.Sc Radiology Imaging Technology X
Principles of Renal Dialysis II5805B.Sc Renal Dialysis Technology XX
Drawing VC2741B.Sc Visual CommunicationX
Graphic Design - I VC2742B.Sc Visual CommunicationX
Computer Graphics - IVC2743B.Sc Visual CommunicationX
Graphic Design - II VC2744B.Sc Visual CommunicationX
Photography (Practical)VC2745B.Sc Visual CommunicationX
Computer Graphics - II (Practical)VC2746B.Sc Visual CommunicationX
Advanced Photography (Practical)VC2747B.Sc Visual CommunicationX
Script Writing (Practical)VC2748B.Sc Visual CommunicationXX
Television ProductionVC2707B.Sc Visual CommunicationXX
2D Animation (Practical)VC2750B.Sc Visual CommunicationX
Editing - Audio and Video (Practical)VC2751B.Sc Visual CommunicationXX
3 D Animation (Practical)VC2752B.Sc Visual CommunicationX
Financial Accounting CO 2102B.ComXX
Business communication LE 2000B.ComXX
Corporate Accounting CO2109B.ComXX
Marketing MS2302B.Com/BBAXX
Advanced corporate accounting CO2115B.ComXX
Financial services MS2310B.Com/BBAXX
Business Taxation CO2116B.ComXX
Elements of Cost Accounting CO2120B.ComXX
Practical Auditing CO2121B.ComXX
Entrepreneurial Development CO2122B.Com/BBAXX
Financial management MS2305B.Com/BBAXX
Income Tax Law & Practice -ICO2127B.ComXX
Advanced cost accounting CO2125B.ComXX
Management Accounting CO2106B.ComXX
Computerized Accounting (Theory & Practical)CS2463B.COM (C.A.)XX
E-commerce (Theory )CA2202B.COM (C.A.)X
Company Law and Secretarial Practice – I CO2251B.Com (Corporate Secretaryship)XXX
Industrial LawsCC2256B.Com (Corporate Secretaryship)XX
Business communication LE 2000BBAX
Marketing ResearchMS2313BBAXX
Production ManagementMS 2314BBAXX
Material ManagementMS 2315BBAXX
Human Resource ManagementMS 2316BBA/B.ComXX
Customer Relationship ManagementMS 2318BBAXX
Programming in CCS2102B.Sc (Computer Science)XX
Programming in C++ and Data StructuresCS2302B.Sc (Computer Science)XXX
Programming in JAVA CS2402B.Sc (Computer Science)XXX
Digital Electronics & Microprocessors LabCS2202B.Sc (Computer Science)XX
RDBMS LABCS2504B.Sc (Computer Science)XXX
Web Application Lab CS2603B.Sc (Computer Science)XXX
Data Mining CS2902B.Sc (Computer Science)XXX
PC Software Lab CA2102BCAXXX
Programming in C CA2202BCAXX
Programming in C++ andCS2402BCAXX
Data Structures
Java Programming LabCS2454BCAXXX
Web Application Lab CS2456BCAXX
Fundamentals of YogaMSYA8001M.Sc YogaXXX
Anatomy and PhysiologyMSYA8002M.Sc YogaXX
Methods of Yogic PracticeMSYA8003M.Sc Yoga
Yogic Practices - I PracticalMSYA8004M.Sc Yoga
Applied Physiology PracticalMSYA8005M.Sc YogaXXX
DSE-I Yoga and HealthMSYA8006MSc yogaXX
Communication SkillsMSYA8007M.Sc YogaXXX
Village Placement programmeMSYA8008M.Sc YogaXXX
Yoga and PsychologyMSYA8009M.Sc YogaXX
Methodology of Teaching YogaMSYA8010M.Sc Yoga
Basic Yoga TextsMSYA8011M.Sc YogaXXX
Psychological Testing PracticalMSYA8012M.Sc YogaX
Yoga Practices II PracticalMSYA8013M.Sc Yoga
DSE-II Methods of NaturopathyMSYA8014M.Sc Yoga
Applied YogaMSYA8015M.Sc YogaX
Computer Application In YogaMSYA8016M.Sc YogaXXX
Teaching Practice in Educational InstitutionMSYA8017M.Sc YogaX
Yoga TherapyMSYA8018M.Sc YogaX
Health Yoga TextsMSYA8019M.Sc YogaXXX
Indian Traditional Systems of Medicine and TherapyMSYA8020M.Sc Yoga
Yoga Practices III - PracticalMSYA8021M.Sc Yoga
Modalities of Naturopathy - PracticalMSYA8022M.Sc Yoga
DSE-III: Yoga and WellnessMSYA8023MSc yogaX
Generic: Stress ManagementMSYA8024M.Sc YogaX
Personality DevelopmentMSYA8025M.Sc YogaXXX
InternshipMSYA8026M.Sc YogaX
Research Processes in YogaMSYA8027M.Sc YogaXXX
Yoga SutrasMSYA8028M.Sc YogaXXX
ThesisMSYA8029M.Sc YogaXXX
Yoga Practices IV PracticalMSYA8030M.Sc Yoga
Clinical Application of Yoga TherapyMSYA8031M.Sc Yoga
Statistics In YogaMSYA8032MSc yogaXX
Environmental StudiesMSYA8033M.Sc YogaXXX
Fundamentals of Yoga TherapyMSYT8001M.ScXX
Yoga Therapy
Functional Anatomy and PhysiologyMSYT8002M.ScXX
Yoga Therapy
Physical Examination Methods of Yoga TherapyMSYT8003M.ScX
Yoga Therapy
Methodology of Yogic Diagnosis PracticalMSYT8004M.ScX
Yoga Therapy
Applied Physiology PracticalMSYT8005M.Sc
Yoga Therapy
DSE-I Health and Yoga TherapyMSYT8006M.ScX
Yoga Therapy
Communication SkillsMSYT8007M.ScX
Yoga Therapy
Village Placement programmeMSYT8008M.ScX
Yoga Therapy
Yoga Therapy and PsychologyMSYT8009M.Sc
Yoga Therapy
Basic Principles of Yoga TherapyMSYT8010M.ScX
Yoga Therapy
Classification and Function of Yogic ToolsMSYT8011M.ScX
Yoga Therapy
Psychological Testing PracticalMSYT8012M.ScX
Yoga Therapy
Yogic Practices, Classification and Function - PracticalMSYT8013M.ScX
Yoga Therapy
DSE-II Methods of NaturopathyMSYT8014M.ScX
Yoga Therapy
Applied YogaMSYT8015M.ScX
Yoga Therapy
Computer Application In YogaMSYT8016M.ScXXX
Yoga Therapy
Teaching Practice in EducationalMSYT8017M.ScXX
InstitutionYoga Therapy
Texts in Yoga TherapyMSYT8018M.ScXXX
Yoga Therapy
Pathology : Ailments and Yoga TherapyMSYT8019M.ScXX
Yoga Therapy
Traditional Indian Systems of Medicine and TherapiesMSYT8020M.ScXXX
Yoga Therapy
Yogic Practices & Modification- I PracticalMSYT8021M.Sc
Yoga Therapy
Clinical Application of Traditional Indian Systems of Medicine and TherapiesMSYT8022M.ScXX
PracticalYoga Therapy
Tamil Paper – ILT2101B.Sc YogaXX
English Paper – ILE2102B.Sc YogaXX
Fundamentals of YogaUYA2101B.Sc YogaXXX
Yogic Practices – I - PracticalUYA2102B.Sc Yoga
Preparing Yogic Food - PracticalUYA2103B.Sc YogaX
Communication Skills `UYA2104B.Sc YogaXXX
Community ServicesUYA2105B.Sc Yoga
Tamil Paper – IILT2201B.Sc YogaXX
English Paper – IILE2202B.Sc YogaXX
Anatomy and PhysiologyUYA2201B.Sc YogaXX
Yogic Practices – II - PracticalUYA2202B.Sc Yoga
Applied Physiology - PracticalUYA2203B.Sc YogaXXX
Personality DevelopmentUYA2204B.Sc YogaXXX
Village Placement ProgrammeUYA2205B.Sc YogaXXX
Tamil Paper – IIIUYA2301B.Sc YogaXX
English Paper – IIIUYA2302B.Sc YogaXX
Yogic Practices – III - PracticalUYA2304B.Sc Yoga
Computer Programming - PracticalUYA2305B.Sc Yoga
Computer Applications in YogaUYA2306B.Sc YogaXXX
Visiting Fitness Centers / Physiotherapy CentersUYA2307B.Sc YogaXX
Tamil Paper – IVLT2401B.Sc YogaXX
English Paper – IVB.Sc YogaXX
Methodology of Teaching YogaUYA2401B.Sc Yoga
Yogic Practices – IV - PracticalUYA2402B.Sc Yoga
Teaching Practices - PracticalUYA2403B.Sc YogaXX
Environmental StudiesUYA2404B.Sc YogaXXX
Visiting Educational InstitutionUYA2405B.Sc YogaXX
Yoga TherapyUYA2501B.Sc YogaX
Yoga and PsychologyUYA2502B.Sc YogaXX
Yogic Practices - V - PracticalUYA2503B.Sc Yoga
Psychological Testing - PracticalUYA2504B.Sc YogaX
DSE I: Usage of Yogic propsUYA2505B.Sc YogaX
DSE II: Introduction to Indian Systems of Medicine & therapiesUYA2506B.Sc Yoga
DSE III: Applied YogaUYA2507B.Sc YogaX
Elementary StatisticsUYA2508B.Sc YogaX
Visiting Yoga CentersUYA2509B.Sc YogaXX
Patanjali’s Yoga SutrasUYA2601B.Sc YogaXXX
Yoga ProjectUYA2602B.Sc YogaXXX
Yogic Practices - VI - PracticalUYA2603B.Sc Yoga
Bio-Mechanics - PracticalUYA2604B.Sc YogaX
DSE I : Tirumoolar’s ThirumandiramUYA2605B.Sc YogaXXX
DSE II : Yoga for Challenged PeopleUYA2606B.Sc YogaXX
DSE III : Yoga and WellnessUYA2607B.Sc Yoga
Basic Bio-MechanicsUYA2608B.Sc YogaXX
Internship in Therapy CentersUYT2609B.Sc YogaX
Tamil Paper – ILT2101B.ScXX
Yoga Therapy
English Paper – ILE2102B.ScXX
Yoga Therapy
Fundamentals of YogaUYT2101B.ScXXX
Yoga Therapy
Basic Yogic Practices - PracticalUYT2102B.Sc
Yoga Therapy
Classification of Asanas - PracticalUYT2103B.ScX
Yoga Therapy
Communication Skills `UYT2104B.ScX
Yoga Therapy
Community ServicesUYT2105B.Sc
Yoga Therapy
Tamil Paper – IILT2201B.ScXX
Yoga Therapy
English Paper – IILE2202B.ScXX
Yoga Therapy
Fundamentals of Yoga TherapyUYT2201B.ScXX
Yoga Therapy
Physical Examination Methods - PracticalUYT2202B.ScX
Yoga Therapy
Function and Modification of Asanas - PracticalUYT2203B.Sc
Yoga Therapy
Personality DevelopmentUYT2204B.ScXX
Yoga Therapy
Village Placement ProgrammeUYT2205B.ScX
Yoga Therapy
Tamil Paper – IIILT2301B.ScXX
Yoga Therapy
English Paper – IIILE2202B.ScXX
Yoga Therapy
Anatomy and PhysiologyUYT2301B.ScX
Yoga Therapy
Applied Physiology - PracticalUYT2302B.ScXXX
Yoga Therapy
Computer Programming - PracticalUYT2303B.Sc
Yoga Therapy
Computer Applications in Yoga TherapyUYT2304B.ScXXX
Yoga Therapy
Visiting Fitness Centers / Physiotherapy CentersUYT2305B.ScX
Yoga Therapy
Tamil Paper – IVLT2401B.ScXX
Yoga Therapy
English Paper – IVLE2402B.ScXX
Yoga Therapy
Basic Principles and Diagnosis in Yoga TherapyUYT2401B.ScX
Yoga Therapy
Application of Tools in Yoga Therapy - PracticalUYT2402B.ScX
Yoga Therapy
Methodology in Teaching Yoga - PracticalUYT2403B.Sc
Yoga Therapy
Environmental StudiesUYT2404B.ScXX
Yoga Therapy
Visiting Educational InstitutionsUYT2405B.Sc
Yoga Therapy
Psychology and Yoga TherapyUYT2501B.ScX
Yoga Therapy
Introduction to Traditional Indian Systems of Medicine and TherapiesUYT2502B.ScXXX
Yoga Therapy
Psychological Testing - PracticalUYT2503B.ScX
Yoga Therapy
Clinical Application of Yoga Therapy - PracticalUYT2504B.ScX
Yoga Therapy
DSE II : Stress ManagementUYT2506B.ScX
Yoga Therapy
DSE III : Applied YogaUYT2507B.ScX
Yoga Therapy
Elementary StatisticsUYT2508B.ScX
Yoga Therapy
Visiting Yoga CentersUYT2509B.ScXX
Yoga Therapy
Yoga Therapy in Yoga TextsUYT2601B.ScXXX
Yoga Therapy
Pathology : Ailments and Yoga TherapyUYT2602B.ScXX
Yoga Therapy
Course Planning in Yoga Therapy - PracticalUYT2603B.ScXX
Yoga Therapy
Project in Yoga Therapy - PracticalUYT2604B.ScXXX
Yoga Therapy
DSE I : Tirumoolar’s Thirumandiram in Yoga TherapyUYT2605B.ScXXX
Yoga Therapy
DSE II : Yoga Therapy for Challenged PeopleUYT2606B.ScXX
Yoga Therapy
DSE III : Wellness and Yoga TherapyUYT2607B.Sc
Yoga Therapy
Basic Bio-MechanicsUYT2608B.ScXX
Yoga Therapy
Internship in Therapy CentersUYT2609B.ScX
Yoga Therapy

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