Board of Research

Meenakshi Academy of Higher Education and Research (MAHER) is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in research and strives to build a research conducive culture, as a part of its educational excellence model, for the development and promotion of scientific temper and research aptitudes among its faculty members, students, and research scholars. The Institution provides all necessary infrastructure and resources to promote research at the levels of constituent colleges. For an effective working of the system, MAHER has constituted the Board of Research (BOR) to monitor and supervise the overall scientific work carried out in MAHER and its constituent colleges. The BOR consists of not only internal members from within the Institution but also external members from other organizations who are distinguished names in their respective fields, to provide their valuable inputs and guidance in matters regarding to research and development activities. MAHER ensures effective functioning of the BOR under the guidance of Dean Research to ensure smooth functioning in conducting meaningful research, scrutiny of ethical aspects, plagiarism checking and publications related activities. The Board also oversees IPR activities, publications, consultancy projects, research grants and incentives.

1Dr. R.S.Neelakandan, Vice Chancellor, MAHERChair
2Dr. V.Sureka, Dean Research, MAHERConvener and Member
3Dr. C.Krithika, Registrar, MAHERInternal
4Dr. B.Srinivasan, Controller of Examinations, MAHERInternal
5Dr. D. Chamundeeswari, Dean AccreditationsInternal
6Dr. Shyam Sivasamy,Director IQAC,MAHERInternal
7Dr. D.Thirumal Kumar, Assistant Registrar, MAHERInternal
8Dr. N.Arunagirinathan, Academic Officer, MAHERInternal
9Dr. K.V.Rajasekhar, Dean, MMCHRIInternal
10Dr. Punitha , Epidemiologist MMCHRIInternal
11Dr. Velmurugan, Principal MADCHInternal
12Dr. Jaideep Mahendra, Director, Post Graduate Studies MADCHInternal
13Dr. Fabiola M Dhanaraj, Principal, Meenakshi College of Nursing, MAHERInternal
14Dr. Jayabharathi,Professor of Nursing,MCONInternal
15Dr. Pushpa Nagini Sripada, Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Science, MAHERInternal
16Dr. Murugesan, Principal Yoga sciences and Therapy, MAHERInternal
17Dr. Sasi Kumar. A, Principal In-charge, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, MAHERInternal
18Dr. Shanthi, Principal, Faculty of Humanities and Science, MAHERInternal
19Dr. Parthasarathy, Principal of Faculty of Physiotherapy, MAHERInternal
20Dr. Balamurugan J, Professor of PhysiotherapyInternal
21Dr. Manoj Prabhakar, Criteria Incharge, Core NAAC team,Internal
22Dr. D.Nalini, Research Scientist-I, Central Research Laboratory, MAHERInternal
23Dr. A.Josephine, Scientist, Central Research Laboratory, MAHERInternal
24Dr. P. Balakrishnan, Associate Professor, Infectious Diseases Laboratory, YRG CARE, ChennaiExternal
25Dr. Alex Eapen, Scientist, National Institute for EpidemiologyExternal;
26Dr. MuninathanInternal