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Collaborative Research ProjectsYear
A Comparative Preliminary Randomized Clinical Study to Evaluate Heavy Bupivacaine Dextrose Prolotherapy (HDP) and Autologous Blood Injection (ABI) for Symptomatic Temporomandibular Joint Hypermobility Disorder2023
A Comprehensive Review on Bio-Based Materials for Chronic Diabetic Wounds2023
A new horizon in the phosphorylated sites of AGA: the structural impact of C163S mutation in aspartylglucosaminuria through molecular dynamics simulation2023
Assessment of glutathione peroxidase enzyme response and total antioxidant status in oral cancer – Systematic review and meta-analysis2023
Assessment of Glycemic Index in Diabetic and Chronic Periodontitis Patients with SRP as an Intervention: A Cross-sectional Study2023
Assessment of Oxidative Stress by the Estimation of Lipid Peroxidation Marker Malondialdehyde (MDA) in Patients with Chronic Periodontitis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis2023
Association of Epstein–Barr virus, cytomegalovirus and lipocalin with periodontitis in type 2 diabetic subjects2023
Bell Palsy Incidence in Patients with Post-COVID: A Retrospective Study2023
Biodegradation and Cytotoxic Effects of Biosurfactants2023
Biosurfactants in Oral Cavity Care2023
Cholesterol granuloma of the maxillary sinus in association with a dental implant—A case report2023
Comparison of Occlusal Digital Analysis Using T-Scan in Orthognathic Surgery with Only Conventional Orthodontic Patients2023
Computational screening and structural analysis of Gly201Arg and Gly201Asp missense mutations in human cyclin-dependent kinase 4 protein2023
Conspectus of SARS-CoV-2-In India2023
Controlling cell proliferation by targeting cyclin-dependent kinase 6 using drug repurposing approach2023
Cross-cultural translation, adaptation, and validation of the stroke-specific quality of life (SSQOL) scale 2.0 into Amharic language2023
Determination of potential combination of non-β-lactam, β-lactam, and β-lactamase inhibitors/β-lactam enhancer against class D oxacillinases producing Acinetobacter baumannii: Evidence from in-vitro, molecular docking and dynamics simulation2023
Doppler Indices of the Fetal Middle Cerebral and the Umbilical Arteries in Pregnancies at High Risk Followed Up for Suspected Fetal Growth Restriction2023
Effect of capsular stretch on frozen shoulder2023
Effect of Preoperative Oral Steroids in Comparison to Anti-inflammatory on Anesthetic Success of Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block in Mandibular Molars with Symptomatic Irreversible Pulpitis—A Double-blinded Randomized Clinical Trial2023
Effectiveness of the Pelvic Clock and Static Bicycle Exercises on Wisconsin Gait Scale and Trunk Impairment Scale in Chronic Ambulatory Hemiplegic Patients: A Single Group Pre-Post Design2023
Efficiency of Immediate and Controlled release of Aceclofenac on Post-instrumentation Pain in Root Canal Treatment – A Triple Blind Randomized Controlled Trial2023
Elucidating the mechanism of antimicrobial resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis using gene interaction networks2023
Estimation of GCF and Salivary Levels of NT-proBNP in Systemically Healthy Subjects with Severe Chronic Periodontitis Before and After Periodontal Flap Surgery2023
Evaluation of Salivary Galectin-3 Level and its Potential Role in Increasing the Severity of COVID-19 Infection in Patients with Periodontitis2023
Evaluation Of The Effectiveness Of Combined Photobiomodulation And Piezocision On the Rate Of Orthodontic Tooth Movement. A Randomized Control Trial2023
Evaluation of the periodontal viruses in cardiovascular patients associated with periodontitis2023
Experimental Model for Pancreatic Cancer and Its Therapeutic Implications in Clinical Research2023
Expression of trefoil factor 2 and 3 and adrenomedullin in chronic periodontitis subjects with coronary heart disease2023
Fear-Avoidance Beliefs for Physical Activity Among Chronic Low Back Pain: A Multicenter Cross-Sectional Study2023
Genioplasty in Contemporary Orthognathic Surgery2023
Identification of dysregulated canonical pathways associated with pathogenesis and progression of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis—An integrated bioinformatics approach2023
Identification of potential circadian genes and associated pathways in colorectal cancer progression and prognosis using microarray gene expression analysis2023
In vitro remineralization effectiveness of grape seed extract on primary tooth: A systematic review and meta-analysis2023
Internet of Things based Smart Water Leakage Monitoring and Alert System2023
Is oral lichen planus a potentially malignant disorder?: A critical appraisal; a commentary on the letter to the editor2023
Litsea salicifolia Roxb. bark ethanolic extract attenuates rheumatoid arthritis by inhibiting TLR4/NF-κB and activating SIRT1-Nrf2/HO-1 signaling axis: In-vitro and in-vivo evaluations2023
Molecular characterization of circadian gene expression and its correlation with survival percentage in colorectal cancer patients2023
Multitasking faculty in academia – Time to rethink?2023
Pharmacotherapeutic values of berberine: A Chinese herbal medicine for the human cancer management2023
PROBE 2023 guidelines for reporting observational studies in Endodontics: A consensus-based development study2023
PROBE 2023 guidelines for reporting observational studies in endodontics: Explanation and elaboration2023
Quantification of Helicobacter pylori and its oncoproteins in the oral cavity: A cross-sectional study2023
Regenerative Endodontic Procedures in Teeth with Root Resorption: A Systematic Review2023
Salivaomics to decode non-coding RNAs in oral cancer. A narrative review2023
Single nucleotide polymorphisms of enamel formation genes and early childhood caries – systematic review, gene-based, gene cluster and meta-analysis2023
Smart Controller for Air Conditioning in Car using IoT2023
Spectrum of salivary gland diseases: A 24-year single-institution retrospective study2023
Statistical pitfalls in endodontic research2023
Stress distribution and displacement in the maxillofacial complex during intrusion and distalization of the maxillary arch using miniplates versus mini-implants: a 3-dimensional finite element study2023
The targeted next-generation sequence revealed SMAD4, AKT1, and TP53 mutations from circulating cell-free DNA of breast cancer and its effect on protein structure–A computational approach2023
Unravelling the Relacatib activity against the CTSK proteins causing pycnodysostosis: a molecular docking and dynamics approach2023
Versatility of Transport Distraction Osteogenesis for Reconstruction of Lateral Mandibular Ablative Defects2023
Wind and Solar Hybrid Power Generation for DC grid2023
(5E,7E)-4,5,6 Trihydroxy-3-(hydroxymethyl)tetrahydro-2H-pyran-2-ylheptadeca-5,7-dienoate from Euclea crispa (L.) Inhibits Ovarian Cancer Cell Growth by Controlling Apoptotic and Metastatic Signaling Mechanisms2022
“Red-complex Bacteria in Patients with Plaque-induced Gingival Enlargement” Undergoing Fixed Orthodontic Therapy: A Cross-sectional Study2022
A Clinicopathological Studies of Skin and Appendageal from a Tertiary Care Hospital in Chennai2022
A comparative evaluation of stress distribution between an All-on-Four implant-supported prosthesis and the Trefoil implant-supported prosthesis: A three-dimensional finite element analysis study2022
A Comparison in Patient Comfort Using Conventional Syringe and Needleless Jet Anesthesia Technique in Periodontal Surgery—A Split-Mouth Randomized Clinical Trial2022
A comprehensive review on high -fat diet-induced diabetes mellitus: an epigenetic view2022
A Comprehensive Review on Therapeutic Perspectives of Phytosterols in Insulin Resistance: A Mechanistic Approach2022
A Correlation between various biochemical parameters of blood sugar and lipid profile with Vitamin D status in Perimenopausal women in tertiary care Hospital2022
A Review of the Potential Consequences of Pearl Millet (Pennisetum glaucum) for Diabetes Mellitus and Other Biomedical Applications2022
A study of clinical profile and assess the modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors of acute myocardial infarction in young adults2022
A Study Of Enzymatic And Non Enzymatic Antioxidant Levels In Different Stages Of Chronic Kidney Disease2022
A Study Of Free Radical Levels In Different Stages Of Chronic Kidney Disease2022
A study of Inflammatory and biochemical markers correlated with CT Chest severiority score in Covid 19 patients in tertiary care Hospital, Kanchipuram2022
A Study Of Prevalence Of Thyroid Dysfunction In Type 1 Diabetic Children In A Tertiary Care Hospital From A Sub-Urban Population2022
A Study on Prevalence of Diarrhoeal Diseases among under five Children in Kanchipuram Town2022
A Study On Prevalence Of Internet Addiction Among Students Of A Private Medical College, Kanchipuram2022
Accumulation of betacyanin in Hylocereus undatus rind: Pigment stability analysis and its role in xanthine oxidase inhibition2022
An Assessment Of Serum Magnesium & It’s Association With Spirometry In Bronchial Asthma2022
An Insight into Anticancer Effect of Propolis and Its Constituents: A Review of Molecular Mechanisms2022
An insight into the influence of random mutagenesis on growth and lipid accumulation in Chlorella vulgaris—a transcriptome study2022
An In-Vitro Study Comparing The Push Out Bond Strength Of A Fiber Post System Employing Four Different Resin Cements2022
Antibacterial efficacy of Lemon Grass Oil (Cymbopogon citratus) on the type of bacteria and its count in Dental Aerosols2022
Anticancer Effects of Carica papaya L. and Benzyl Isothiocyanate on an Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cell Line: An In Vitro Study2022
Antimicrobial Activity Of Bael, Cinnamon And Neem Extracts Against Common Oral Microorganisms – An In-Vitro Comparative Study2022
Antimicrobial, antioxidant, and angiogenic bioactive silver nanoparticles produced using Murraya paniculata (L.) jack leaves2022
Anti-neuropathic effect of 7,3′-dihydroxyflavone in paclitaxel induced peripheral neuropathy in mice involving GABAA, KATP channel and adenosine receptors2022
Antioxidant and antihyperlipidemic activities of catechol derivatives and biflavonoid isolated from Semecarpus anacardium seeds2022
Apoptosis regulating CircRNAs: Emerging role in oral cancer therapeutics2022
Assessment Of Antimicrobial Efficacy Of Kabasura Kudineer Choornam Against Common Oral Microbes – A Randomised Invitro Study On Biofilm Model2022
Assessment of knowledge, awareness, and perception of platelet-rich plasma among oral surgeons2022
Association between Parental Stress and Early Childhood Caries Experience among Preschool Children in Maduravoyal, Chennai: A Cross-sectional Study2022
Authorship ethics – An enigma!2022
Awareness on the cost-effective treatment modalities for the management of pain among weavers in Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu2022
Beta Sitosterol Mitigates Diabetic Nephropathy By Facilitating The Expression Of Insulin Signalling And Modulating The Pro-Inflammatory Molecules In Experimental Diabetic Rats2022
Beta-Sitosterol Facilitates GLUT4 Vesicle Fusion on the Plasma Membrane via the Activation of Rab/IRAP/Munc 18 Signaling Pathways in Diabetic Gastrocnemius Muscle of Adult Male Rats2022
Can IGF-1 serve as a reliable skeletal maturity indicator? A meta-analysis [Ist IGF-1 ein zuverlässiger Indikator für die Skelettreife? Eine Metaanalyse]2022
Chebulagic acid attenuates HFD/streptozotocin induced impaired glucose metabolism and insulin resistance via up regulations of PPAR γ and GLUT 4 in type 2 diabetic rats2022
Classification and Management of Infra-orbital Rim Fractures2022
Clostridium Difficile – A Neglected Pathogen But Now Alarming In Antibiotic Associated Diarrhoeal Patients2022
Color stability of aligner materials on exposure to indigenous food products: An in-vitro study2022
Comparative study of vestibular rehabilitation vs sensorimotor training2022
Comparison of dexamethasone administration through sublingual and intramuscular routes for evaluation of pain, swelling, and trismus after impacted mandibular third molar surgery—a prospective randomized controlled study2022
Comparison of Fixed-Bearing and Mobile Bearing Total Knee Arthroplasty in and around Kanchipuram Population2022
Comparison of settling of occlusion in modified and full coverage thermoplastic retainers using t-scan2022
Computational and structural investigation of Palmitoyl-Protein Thioesterase 1 (PPT1) protein causing Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinoses (NCL)2022
Computational structural assessment of BReast CAncer type 1 susceptibility protein (BRCA1) and BRCA1-Associated Ring Domain protein 1 (BARD1) mutations on the protein-protein interface2022
Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Evaluation of Morphology and Orientation of Styloid Process and Prevalence of its Elongation in Age and Gender: An Institutional-Based Retrospective Study-A Dentist Perspective2022
Correlation Of Cervical Pap Smear With Colposcopic And Histopathological Findings In Lesions Of Cervix2022
Correlation of transverse mandibular dimension with naso-pharyngeal and oro-pharyngeal airway using computed tomographic analysis – A retrospective observational study2022
COVID-19 and Cleft and Craniofacial Surgery in Indian Scenario2022
Cuminaldehyde ameliorates hyperglycemia in diabetic mice2022
Curcumin Is an Iconic Ligand for Detecting Environmental Pollutants2022
Deciphering the effect of mutations in MMAA protein causing methylmalonic acidemia—A computational approach2022
Delirium Care Bundle On Sedation And Orientation Among Icu-Acquired Delirium A Randomized Controlled Trial2022
Depleting levels of endogenous anti-oxidant superoxide dismutase in oral sub-mucous fibrosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis: Superoxide dismutase and oral sub-mucous fibrosis2022
Development and validation of a novel Middle childhood oral health impact scale (MCOHIS)2022
Diabetic Technology Update Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems In The Management Of Diabetes Mellitus2022
Diagnostic efficacy of computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging in detection of cervical lymph node metastasis among patients with oral cancer in India – Systematic review and meta-analysis2022
Diosgenin inhibits ER stress-induced inflammation in aorta via iRhom2/TACE mediated signaling in experimental diabetic rats: An in vivo and in silico approach2022
Dose-dependent Effect of β-caryophyllene on Glycemic Control of High-Fat Diet and Fructose-Induced Type-2 Diabetic Rats2022
Dynamic Navigation in Guided Endodontics – A Systematic Review2022
Effect Of Delirium Care Bundle On ICU Acquired Delirium Patients With A Mechanical Ventilator. A Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT)2022
Effect of Frequency of Micro-osteoperforation on Miniscrew-supported Canine Retraction: A Single-centered, Split-mouth Randomized Controlled Trial2022
Effect of guided conservative endodontic access and different file kinematics on debris extrusion in mesial root of the mandibular molars: An in vitro study2022
Effect of the entomopathogenic fungus, Lecanicillium lecanii, on the biology and predation rate of the anthocorid predatory bug, Blaptostethus pallescens, feeding on the flower thrips, Frankliniella schultzei Trybom (Thysanoptera: Thripidae)2022
Effectiveness and Distribution of Anesthesia for a Modified Extra Oral Maxillo-Mandibular Nerve Block for Dento-Alveolar Procedures: A Prospective Cohort Study2022
Effectiveness of Online Learning vs Traditional Learning during COVID-19 Pandemic in Chennai: A Questionnaire Study2022
Effectiveness Of Structured Teaching Programme On Level Of Knowledge Regarding Osteoporosis Among Pre Menopausal Women2022
Efficacy of simvastatin in bone regeneration after surgical removal of mandibular third molars2022
Elucidating the mutational impact in causing Niemann–Pick disease type C: an in silico approach2022
Endodontic research: Asking the right questions in the right way2022
Enhanced artificial bee colony approach for the enhancement and classification of underwater images2022
Evaluating the Diagnostic Accuracy of FNAC of Breast Lesions with Reference to International Academy of Cytology (IAC) Standardized Reporting and Correlation with Histopathology of Breast Carcinoma2022
Evaluating the effect of various environmental factors on the growth of the marine microalgae, Chlorella vulgaris2022
Evaluation Of Anti Dermatophyte Activity Of Crude Lawsone Isolated From Lawsonia Inermis Leaves2022
Evaluation of Block Allograft Efficacy in Lateral Alveolar Ridge Augmentation2022
Evaluation of Macrocytic Anemia in a tertiary care hospital in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India2022
Evaluation of Reactive Oxygen Metabolites, Resistin, and Red Complex Bacteria in Obese Subjects with or without Periodontitis2022
Exploration of Central Nervous System Activities of Caryota Urens ethanolic Leaf Extract on Neurological Disorders in Experimental Animal Models2022
Exploring potential anti-chikungunya virus activity of phytocompounds: Computational docking and in vitro studies2022
Functional Anatomy of the Hamstring Muscle and Its Correla-tion with the Various Yogic Postures: A Narrative Review2022
Guided Intact Lower Rim for Mandibular Body Transport Distraction Osteogenesis: A Novel Surgical Technique2022
Identification of Epigenetically Modified Hub Genes and Altered Pathways Associated With Retinoblastoma2022
Imaging modalities for congenital heart disease and genetic polymorphism associated with coronary artery and cardiovascular diseases2022
Immunohistochemical biomarkers in oral submucous fibrosis: A scoping review2022
Impact of Alexander technique, mirror therapy versus conventional therapy on musician’s cramp in guitarists2022
Impact of educational intervention on the knowledge, attitude, and practice of pharmacovigilance among postgraduates of a tertiary care center, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India2022
Impact of Glyphosate on the Development of Insulin Resistance in Experimental Diabetic Rats: Role of NFκB Signalling Pathways2022
Impact of Red Complex Bacteria and TNF-α Levels on the Diabetic and Renal Status of Chronic Kidney Disease Patients in the Presence and Absence of Periodontitis2022
In Silico Analysis to Identify IL-6 Inhibitor from Antiviral Compounds of Kabasurakudineer Extract against COVID-192022
In vitro study-Comparative evaluation of bond strengths of stainless steel brackets and ceramic brackets after curing with the argon laser and the conventional visible light2022
Insights on the Dynamics and Toxicity of Nanoparticles in Environmental Matrices2022
Isolated systolic blood pressure and red‐complex bacteria—a risk for generalized periodontitis and chronic kidney disease2022
Knowledge, attitude, and practice of autotransplantation among the practicing pediatric dentists in Chennai – A questionnaire study2022
Level of activity limitations and predictors in women with pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain: Prospective cross-sectional study2022
MALAT 1 a modulator of PD-1/PD-L1 regulation in oral malignancies: An emerging target in cancer therapy2022
Markers, pathways, and current evidence for periodontitis-associated insulin resistance: A narrative review2022
Measurement of Neck Circumference, Tongue thickness and Skin to Epiglottis Distance as Predictors of Difficult Intubation: A Prospective Study2022
Molecular characterization of biosurfactant producing marine bacterium isolated from hydrocarbon-contaminated soil using 16S rRNA gene sequencing2022
Molecular docking analysis reveals the functional inhibitory effect of Genistein and Quercetin on TMPRSS2: SARS-COV-2 cell entry facilitator spike protein2022
Molecular Docking Study of Thymoquinone with Target Proteins Involved in Choleserol Biosynthesis2022
Multi-disciplinary orthodontic camouflage treatment of a severe skeletal class III malocclusion with 1 year follow-up – A case report2022
Nonmalignant nonendodontic lesions mimicking periapical lesions of endodontic origin: A systematic review2022
Obesity and Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Females in tertiary care Hospital2022
Periodontal considerations for impacted mandibular third molars2022
Periodontal Treatment for Chronic Periodontitis With Rheumatoid Arthritis2022
Prescription Pattern analysis and utilization of antiepileptic drugs in a tertiary care hospital in Kanchipuram2022
Prevalence Of Salivary Secretor Status Of ABO Blood Group Antigens In Potentially Malignant Disorders Of The Oral Cavity2022
Reactive Oxygen Species in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Progression and Importance of Stem Cells in Cancer Therapeutics2022
Red-Complex Bacterial Levels in Pregnant Women With Preeclampsia and Chronic Periodontitis2022
Rehabilitation of a mid-facial defect using maxillary obturator with a maxillary expansion device and orbital prosthesis2022
Rehabilitation of atrophic posterior partial edentulous maxilla with TTPHIL ALL TILT® technique: 3 year follow-up case report [Reabilitação de maxila atrófica posterior parcialmente desdentada com técnica TTPHIL ALL TILT®: relato de caso de acompanhamento de 3 anos]2022
RETRACTED ARTICLE: Multi-parameter optimization for load balancing with effective task scheduling and resource sharing(Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, (2021), 13, (9), 10.1007/s12652-021-03005-2)2022
Root Membrane Concept: Shield the Socket—A Case Report2022
Salivary Biomarkers in Periodontitis Post Scaling and Root Planing2022
Self-drilling screws for the prevention of dental and skeletal injuries during open reduction and internal fixation of pediatric mandibular fractures2022
Semi-H -regular sets and HAB -sets in Generalized Topological Space2022
Sglt2 Inhibitors And The Clinical Conundrum Of Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction2022
Siddha Medicine and Computer Modeling: A Treasure for SARS-CoV-2 Treatment2022
Significance of Spheno-Occipital Synchondrosis in Age Estimation – A Retrospective CBCT Study2022
Skin Lesion Classification System Using Shearlets2022
Soft Tissue Calcifications in the Head and Neck Region: A CBCT Based Retrospective Study2022
Straightforward techniques for selecting and organizing multiunit abutment prosthetic components2022
Stress amongst paediatric dental postgraduate students in India: A mixed-method approach2022
Stress Distribution in Multiple Single Piece Dental Implant Following Syncrystallization- A Finite Element Analysis2022
Study on prevalence of use of Tobacco Consumption among males aged 15 and above in Kanchipuram Town, Tamil Nadu2022
Study to assess the Effectiveness of Foot Reflexology on Premenstrual syndrome and Dysmenorrhoea among nursing students-Pilot Study2022
The diverse role of oral fibroblasts in normal and disease2022
The Odontogenic Keratocyst Conundrum-Is There an Answer?2022
Therapeutic Potential of Natural Agents Against Oxidative Stress-Influenced Colitis-Associated Cancer2022
To Estimate the Prevalence of Adenomyosis and Its Correlation with Benign Endometrial Lesions in Tertiary Care Center2022
Understanding the activating mechanism of the immune system against COVID-19 by Traditional Indian Medicine: Network pharmacology approach2022
A case of multiple rootless teeth: A case report and review2021
A computational overview on phylogenetic characterization, pathogenic mutations, and drug targets for Ebola virus disease2021
A novel of bioprospecting of earthworm cast associated actinobacteria for its antimicrobial properties-Short communication2021
A Study on Intervention of Chatbots in Recruitment2021
A study on oral mucosal changes among tobacco users2021
A study to analyse the effect of calcaneal taping techniques in plantar fascitis2021
A systematic review on valproate induced rat model of autism: Pathophysiology, treatment, developmental and neurobehavioral assessment of rat offsprings2021
Amelioration of Combination of Paclitaxel and Di Allyl Sulfide on the Alterations of Bcl2, P53 and Apoptosis Changes Against 7,12 Di Methyl Benz (A) Anthracene Induced Skin Cancer in Experimental Animals2021
An integrative analysis to distinguish between emphysema (EML) and alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency-related emphysema (ADL)—A systems biology approach2021
An overview on the therapeutic function of foods enriched with plant sterols in diabetes management2021
An update on the origin of SARS-CoV-2: Despite closest identity, bat (RaTG13) and pangolin derived coronaviruses varied in the critical binding site and O-linked glycan residues2021
Analysis of the association between polymorphisms in Vitamin D receptor gene and dental caries2021
Antiviral activity of astragaloside II, astragaloside III and astragaloside IV compounds against dengue virus: Computational docking and in vitro studies2021
Apexification and repair of root fracture with mineral trioxide aggregate – A case report with 5-year follow-up2021
Are flowable restorative composites suitable for orthodontic bracket bonding?2021
Assessing the prevalence of velopharyngeal dysfunction and obstructive sleep apnea by correlating cone beam computed tomography parameters of soft palate with the stop bang questionnaire2021
Assessment of osteogenic potential of intraoral sources of stem cells in vitro2021
Association between ABO, Rh blood groups, lip and dermatoglyphic patterns, and nonsyndromic oral clefts: A case-control study2021
Basaloid squamous cell carcinoma in the maxillary gingiva2021
Berberine—A potent chemosensitizer and chemoprotector to conventional cancer therapies2021
Biofilm formation following chitosan-based varnish or chlorhexidine-fluoride varnish application in patients undergoing fixed orthodontic treatment: a double blinded randomised controlled trial2021
Chemo-preventive effect of 1-piperoyl piperidine (piperine) is mediated through intrinsic signaling mechanisms in human prostate cancer cells (Pc-3) in vitro2021
Comparative Aesthetic Evaluation of Lip Reconstruction Using Abbe’s Flap in Secondary Cleft Lip Deformities: A Retrospective Study2021
Compare constraint-induced movement therapy and bobath to improve hand functions in hemiplegic patients2021
Comparison of modified triple antibiotic paste in two concentrations for lesion sterilization and tissue repair in primary molars: An in vivo interventional randomized clinical trial2021
Comparison of potential inhibitors and targeting fat mass and obesity-associated protein causing diabesity through docking and molecular dynamics strategies2021
Comparison of the fractional characteristics of conventional vs self-ligating orthodontic brackets-an invitro observational study2021
Computerized occlusal analysis of two different removable retainers used during retention phase- A Randomized controlled trial2021
Consensus statement on neurorehabilitation during COVID-19 times: Expert group on behalf of the Indian Federation of Neurorehabilitation (IFNR)2021
Correction to: Comparative Aesthetic Evaluation of Lip Reconstruction Using Abbe’s Flap in Secondary Cleft Lip Deformities: A Retrospective Study (Journal of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery, (2021), 20, 1, (13-18), 10.1007/s12663-019-01279-w)2021
COVID Induced Functional Exhaustion and Persistently Reduced Lymphocytes as Vital Contributing Factors for Post-COVID Rhino-orbital and Cerebral Mucormycosis in Patients with Diabetes: Report from the Indian Sub-continent2021
Deep learning – Computer aided melanoma detection using transfer learning2021
Dentalgesian Physiology: A Review on the Neurophysiology of pain in Dentistry2021
Dermoscopic Image Classification Using Two-Stage Processing of Shearlet Features with Support Vector Machine2021
Diagnosis of Vertical Root Fractures by Cone-beam Computed Tomography in Root-filled Teeth with Confirmation by Direct Visualization: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis2021
Distraction Osteogenesis of the Maxillofacial Region2021
Does angulation of osteotome during pterygomaxillary dysjunction for a Le Fort I osteotomy influence stress transmission to the orbit? A finite element simulation in normal and cleft maxillae2021
Drug-Induced Bruxism: a Comprehensive Literature Review2021
Effect of cervical lesion centered access cavity restored with short glass fibre reinforced resin composites on fracture resistance in human mandibular premolars- an in vitro study2021
Effect of Chlorpyrifos 50% + Cypermethrin 5% EC on Eisenia fetida Exposed in Coco Peat and Sphagnum Peat2021
Effect of octenidine mouthwash on plaque, gingivitis, and oral microbial growth: A systematic review2021
Effect of preoperative oral administration of steroids in comparison to an anti-inflammatory drug on postoperative pain following single-visit root canal treatment – a double-blind, randomized clinical trial2021
Effect of shape and anthocyanin capping on antibacterial activity of CuI particles2021
Effect of β-sitosterol on insulin receptor, glucose transporter 4 protein expression and glucose oxidation in the gastrocnemius muscle of high fat diet induced type-2 diabetic experimental rats2021
Effective utilisation of influence maximization technique for the identification of significant nodes in breast cancer gene networks2021
Effectiveness of progressive muscle relaxation and deep breathing exercise on pain, disability, and sleep among patients with chronic tension-type headache a randomized control trial2021
Endodontic management of pulp canal obliteration using a new single-tooth template: A case series2021
Estimation and comparison of salivary flow rate and its composition in diabetic patients and nondiabetic patients: A pilot study2021
Evaluation of airflow characteristics before and after septoplasty in unilateral cleft patients with a deviated nasal septum: a computational fluid dynamics study2021
Evaluation of stress distribution during insertion of tapered dental implants in various osteotomy techniques: Three-dimensional finite element study2021
Evaluation of Systemic Markers Related to Anemia in Aggressive Periodontitis Patients before and after Phase I Periodontal Therapy: An Interventional Study2021
Evaluation of volume change in oral cavity proper before and after mandibular advancement: A retrospective volumetric study2021
Evidence linking the role of periodontal viruses in coronary artery disease with and without periodontitis2021
Extraoral versus endoscopic-assisted transoral treatment modalities for mandibular condylar fractures: a current opinion2021
Fragment reattachment after complicated crown-root fractures of anterior teeth: A systematic review2021
Genetic polymorphisms of nlrp3 (Rs4612666) and card8 (rs2043211) in periodontitis and cardiovascular diseases2021
Glaucoma Image Classification Using Entropy Feature and Maximum Likelihood Classifier2021
Guidelines of Revised Orthodontic Practices for Establishing “New Normality” Post COVID-19 Pandemic2021
Hemifacial Microsomia (HFM) and Treacher Collins Syndrome2021
Hepatoprotective and anti-inflammatory potential of chebulagic acid on carbon tetrachloride–induced hepatic fibrosis by antioxidative activities in rats2021
In silico and in vitro Study on the Inhibition of FtsZ Protein of Staphylococcus aureus by Active Compounds from Andrographis paniculata2021
In vitro evaluation of anti-mitotic activity of green synthesized silver nanoparticles from ethanolic extract of chromolaena odorata, caesalpinia coriaria (Bark and leaves) using allium cepa roots2021
Influence of Minimally Invasive Access Cavity Designs on the Fracture Resistance of Endodontically Treated Mandibular Molars Subjected to Thermocycling and Dynamic Loading2021
Influence of volume of endodontic irrigants used in different irrigation techniques on root canal dentin microhardness2021
Inhibition of MMP2-PEX by a novel ester of dihydroxy cinnamic and linoleic acid from the seagrass Cymodocea serrulata2021
Investigation of nonsynonymous mutations in the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 and its interaction with the ACE2 receptor by molecular docking and MM/GBSA approach2021
Knowledge, attitude, and awareness of orthognathic surgery among orthodontic patient-prospective study2021
Knowledge-, attitude-, and practice-based survey on instrument separation and its management among endodontists and postgraduates in India – A cross-sectional web-based questionnaire2021
Management of Blunt Solid Organ Injuries: the Indian Society for Trauma and Acute Care (ISTAC) Consensus Guidelines2021
Management of Class II Hyperdivergent Mandible by Surgically Altering Occlusal Plane Pattern through Counterclockwise Rotation of Mandible2021
Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana): Compositional profile and usage in cancer molecular docking studies2021
Maxillary Anterior Teeth With Extensive Root Resorption Treated With Low-level Light-activated Engineered Chitosan Nanoparticles2021
Melatonin as a topical/systemic formulation for the management of periodontitis: A systematic review2021
Mirna-146a and mirna-126 as potential biomarkers in patients with coronary artery disease and generalized periodontitis2021
Morphometric analysis of orbital aperture and frontal sinus using cone beam computed tomography as an aid in gender identification in forensic dentistry retrospective study2021
Myofascial Pain Dysfunction Syndrome2021
Nanoparticles in prosthetic materials: A literature review2021
Occurrence of extended-spectrum β-lactamase, AmpC, and carbapenemase-producing genes in gram-negative bacterial isolates from human immunodeficiency virus infected patients2021
Orbital Fractures2021
Possible Mechanism of Human Recombinant Leptin-Induced VEGF A Synthesis via PI3K/Akt/mTOR/S6 Kinase Signaling Pathway while Inducing Angiogenesis: An Analysis Using Chicken Chorioallantoic Membrane Model2021
Prevalence and morphology of root canal isthmus in human permanent teeth using micro-computed tomography: A systematic review2021
Prevalence of midline diastema and willingness for treatment in adults of Chennai: A cross-sectional study2021
PRILE 2021 guidelines for reporting laboratory studies in Endodontology: explanation and elaboration2021
Quantification of tryptophan in different layers of oral cancer tissue using fluorescence polarization technique2021
Removal of accumulated hard tissue debris from mesial root of mandibular molars evaluated using micro-CT – a systematic review and network meta-analysis2021
Retrievability of bioceramic-based sealers in comparison with epoxy resin-based sealer assessed using microcomputed tomography: A systematic review of laboratory-based studies2021
Role of navigation in oral and maxillofacial surgery: A surgeon’s perspectives2021
Role of periodontal bacteria, viruses, and placental mir155 in chronic periodontitis and preeclampsia—A genetic microbiological study2021
Root carving in tooth morphology – Is it really necessary?2021
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Acoustic and ultrasonographic characterization of polychloroprene, beeswax, and carbomer-gel to mimic soft-tissue for diagnostic ultrasound2020
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Advanced Platelet-Rich Fibrin in Periosteal Inversion Technique for Root Coverage: A Case Report2020
Allergic and immunologic diseases of the oral cavity2020
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Benign lymphoepithelial lesion of the minor salivary gland-A rare presentation as a palatal swelling2020
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Detect and Prevent Active and Passive Attack in Autonomous Mobile Network2020
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Diseases of the nerves and muscles2020
Diseases of the pulp and periapical tissues2020
Diseases of the skin2020
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Factors Influencing Pain Dimensions in Patients with Chronic Tension-Type Headache: An Exploratory Survey2020
Forensic odontology2020
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Hematologic diseases2020
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Impact of yoga and exercises on polycystic ovarian syndrome risk among adolescent schoolgirls in South India2020
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Increased mortality of COVID-19 infected diabetes patients: role of furin proteases2020
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Link Consistency and Energy Efficiency for Improving Throughput in Wireless Sensor Network2020
Link quality and energy-aware metric-based routing strategy in WSNS2020
Management of supraerupted maxillary molars in an adult patient using orthodontic miniscrew implants: A pre-prosthodontic therapy2020
M-Mode Echomyography of Facial Muscle Function Following Facial Reanimation with Temporalis Muscle Galea Pedicled Flap: Analysis of Ten Cases with Review of Literature2020
Multimodal biometric cryptosystem for human authentication using fingerprint and ear2020
Mycotic infections2020
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Nonepithelial tumors of the oral cavity2020
Nuclei detection in hepatocellular carcinoma and dysplastic liver nodules in histopathology images using bootstrap regression2020
Odontogenic tumors2020
Optimization of culture conditions for growth of marine phytoplankton2020
Oral aspects of metabolic diseases2020
Performance of fibre reinforced composite as a post-endodontic restoration on different endodontic cavity designs— an in-vitro study2020
Periodontal diseases2020
Pharmaceutical waste management2020
Physical and chemical injuries of the oral cavity2020
Phytochemical and antibacterial movement of vitis vinifera peels extracts2020
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Protective role of neutrophils in periodontal inflammation2020
QoS-based multi-hop reverse routing in WSNs2020
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Role of neutrophil in oral physiology2020
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Tumors of the salivary glands2020
Utility of the Midface Degloving Approach for Extended Exposure in Maxillary Pathologies2020
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Sexual dimorphism2019
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