IPR Cell

Research has a significant role in the creation of new knowledge that leads to the invention of imaginative products, processes, and services that raise productivity, industrial competitiveness, and ultimately, wealth. MAHER acknowledges that research is a crucial component in the process of idea generation. MAHER also recognizes the significance of safeguarding fresh and inventive ideas in addition to their creation. MAHER has established an Intellectual Property Rights Cell (IPR Cell) to provide society with cutting-edge research and innovation.

The primary purpose of the IPR Cell is to integrate IPR into the educational process in order to improve the quality of thought, promote a culture of concern and respect for IPR and ensure rapid and correct identification and protection of inventions resulting from research. In addition, the Cell works on bridging the gap between industry and academia for the purposes of knowledge transfer and collaborative research. The Cell seeks to assist grassroots innovators in realizing the commercial value of their discoveries. The IPR cell provides infrastructure and resources to assist in the materialization of new concepts.

One of the key goals of MAHER is to instill creative thinking in students and teachers by educating them about intellectual property rights through frequent workshops and seminars. IPR may result from either fresh ideas or scientific research, both of which will be aided by the MAHER IPR cell. The IPR cell also provides mentorship to the students, assisting them in materializing their creative ideas and translating them into patents, copyrights, and designs that will ultimately benefit both the institution and the society apart from encouraging the inventors.


Associate Dean – IPR
Department of Research
Meenakshi Academy of Higher Education and Research (MAHER)
No.12, Vembuliamman Koil Street, West K.K.nagar Chennai – 600 078
Email: assocdeanipr@maher.ac.in