IPR Cell

One of MAHER’s main goals is to deliver cutting edge research and innovation to the society. MAHER recognizes that research is a fundamental building block of the process of idea development. Research has a crucial role in creating novel knowledge that leads to the creation of inventive products, processes, and services that boost productivity, increase industrial competitiveness, and eventually prosperity. MAHER also understands that apart from creating novel and innovative ideas, protecting them is equally important.
MAHER is therefore committed towards motivating the faculty members, scholars and students to pursue research in order to bring out innovative, creative and original work. And in order to nurture the creative minds and foster an ingenious environment within the Institution, MAHER has established an IPR cell that provides assistance to any innovative ideas that may originate within the Institution. The IPR cell provides infrastructure and resources to help materialise novel ideas. One of the pivotal visions of MAHER is to inculcate creative thinking among students & faculty members by sensitizing them about IPR by conducting regular workshops and seminars. IPR may either arise from novel ideas or be an outcome of a scientific research both of which will be assisted by the IPR cell of MAHER. The students are also mentored by the members of the IPR cell to help them nurture their creative ideas and translate them into patents, copyrights or designs which would ultimately be beneficial to the society as well to the organization.