• To train the students to meet the expectations of the industry.
  • To provide exposure to the students about the happenings with various Industries through our Institute- Industry Collaboration.
  • To provide excellent placement support to our students by inviting the recruiters for the Campus Recruitment.


  • To prepare students to face campus interviews by arranging training in Aptitude tests, group discussions, preparing for Technical and HR interviews through professional trainers.
  • Organising Student level workshops/ guest lecturer, etc.
  • To organize campus interviews for final year students.

NameDesignationContact Number
Dr. V. PoongodiPlacement Officer, MAHER8056190854
Dr. DamodharanHRD Coordinator, MAHER9952886324
Dr.MahendranPlacement Coordinator9150567899
Dr. JayaseelanPlacement Coordinator9159986697
Mrs. UmaPlacement Coordinator9994370110
Mrs.PonmalarPlacement Coordinator7598879006
Dr.ShyamraniPlacement Coordinator8681089104
Dr.PooraniPlacement Coordinator9790829045
Mrs. Anitha KPlacement Coordinator9994683322
Mrs. ArchanaPlacement Coordinator8610174787
Mrs. V. SubbulakshmiPlacement Coordinator9176794264

YearName of the schemeNumber of students benefited by/attended / participated in
Career Counselling / competitive exams activities
2021-2022USMLE Career Guidance Program for Undergraduates with KAPLAN I QUEST304
2021-2022Career Guidance  Program for undergraduates on Diploma and Certificate Courses in Integrated Medicine 244
2021-2022Career Guidance Program for Undergraduates and CRRI's on 'UPSC Walkthrough' with VERANDA Learning Solutions.161
2021-2022Higher Studies and Practices options for Indian Dentist in Canada and USA75
2021-2022Dental Practice Management93
2021-2022Placement Training by Dentistree Dental Clinics85
2021-2022NEET MDS Preparation 202299
2021-2022"Study or Practice Dentistry-Options for BDS students in canada and USA100
2021-2022Career Development and Life Goal Setting106
2021-2022Career Guidance program- MRB Exam47
2021-2022Career Guidance program- Enterpreneurship88
2021-2022How to crack UPSC Exams85
2021-2022Career Guidance for Nurses57
2021-2022Entrepreneurship in Occupational Therapy77
2021-2022Job opportunities during pandemic (scheme)537
2021-2022Building blocks for a successful career168
2021-2022Career Guidance to explore IT Industry110
2021-2022UPSC - civil service exam walkthrough237
2021-2022Opportunities in Civil Service234
2021-2022Career guidance for AHS students102
2021-2022Opportunities for Allied Health Care professional abroad90
2021-2022AYUSH -YCB exam training program104
2021-2022National level yogasanna judges training program139
2021-2022How to become an evidence-based Physiotherapist 229
2021-2022Career development In Physiotherapy165
2021-2022career development program- Self-reflection- How it can make you a better physiotherapist138
2021-2022Career guidance for graduates172
2021-2022Career guidance program on physiotherapy63
2020-2021Guidance Program for First Year MBBS Students on Orientation to a Career in Medicine130
2020-2021Career Guidance on Recent Changes in Medical Examination of Cases of Sexual Violence for Undergraduates and CRRIs (Online Mode)88
2020-2021Career guidance Program for Undergraduates on 'Career Opportunities in Research Agencies'251
2020-2021I Love Monday Morning- Study or Practice in Uk131
2020-2021Career Guidance to Interns-Faculty of Dentistry-Study or Practice in Australia53
2020-2021Health Administration as a career-Study or Practice in Canada95
2020-2021Career Guidance to Mindgroom for Budding Dentists- Da DDS Code –Higher Studies in USA56
2020-2021The Private Practitioner in You53
2020-2021How to prepare for MDS NEET Entrance Exam85
2020-2021Gateway to CMC143
2020-2021Preparation for competitive exam for nursing students120
2020-2021Career Training for Nursing Students18
2020-2021Scope of Occupational Therapy in Abroad65
2020-2021How to shape a career in physiotherapy94
2020-2021Light House- A gateway to Industrial Expectations and Preparations247
2020-2021Planning and preparation for competitive exam 287
2020-2021Corporate training on Career options(Scheme)196
2020-2021Scope and future prospects of higher studies in allied health sciences138
2020-2021Career guidance for AHS students79
2020-2021NET Exam Training Program105
2019-2020USMLE Training programme for Undergraduates and CRRIs249
2019-2020Career Guidance about Medico legal issues for Undergraduates and CRRIs150
2019-2020Career Guidance Program on Rules and Regulations of Clinical Establishment Act for CRRIs and Post Graduates150
2019-2020Career Development PG Entrance Coaching Program for CRRI's - Bhatia 75
2019-2020NEET PG Entrance Training Program for CRRI's36
2019-2020Career Guidance Program on Pursuing Higher Education Abroad312
2019-2020Preparation for IELTS/TOEFL98
2019-2020Career guidance for outgoing students101
2019-2020Breaking The M.D.S Myth - Cracking Neet100
2019-2020Orientation to OET/IELTS Exams88
2019-2020Guidance to Higher Education for Nursing Students85
2019-2020PEP Talk- Expanding the scope of speech and language279
2019-2020Career guidance in Physiotherapy45
2019-2020Trend Setting in Occupational Therapy56
2019-2020Counseling on Selection of Working Area275
2019-2020Corporate Secretary as Career Options469
2019-2020Opportunities in banking sector339
2019-2020Opportunities for allied health care professional abroad130
2019-2020Career guidance for AHS students100
2019-2020Yogasana Coach Training Program60
2018-2019USMLE guidance programme for Undergraduates and CRRIs231
2018-2019Career Guidance about Medico legal issues for Undergraduates100
2018-2019Career Guidance Program on Rules and Regulations of Clinical Establishment Act for CRRIs and Post Graduates80
2018-2019Career Development PG Entrance Coaching Program for CRRI's - Bhatia 58
2018-2019NEET PG Entrance Training Program72
2018-2019Explore and Excel- Career Opportunities in Research for Medical Graduates in India and Abroad122
2018-2019The Key To Neet94
2018-2019Career guidance for outgoing students75
2018-2019Training Programme-PG -Preparation strategy98
2018-2019Topic Unheard -Smart Intern and Foundation63
2018-2019I love Monday Morning- Study or Practice in Canada81
2018-2019How to be confident in Interview80
2018-2019Career guidance for Nursing students80
2018-2019PEP Talk- Expanding the scope of speech and language167
2018-2019Career guidance in Physiotherapy 60
2018-2019How to set up a Occupational Therapy private practice28
2018-2019Training on Career option in Corporate Sector134
2018-2019Corporate Seceretary as Career Options126
2018-2019Planning and preparation for placement416
2018-2019Opportunities in banking sector329
2018-2019Opportunities for Allied Health Care professional abroad108
2018-2019Career guidance for AHS students100
2017-2018Usmle- Entrance Examination for CRRI's98
2017-2018Usmle- Entrance Examination for Undergraduates142
2017-2018Career Guidance about Medicolegal issues for undergraduates130
2017-2018Career Development Program for PG Entrance Examination by Bhatia 60
2017-2018Research as a Career Options for Medical Graduates80
2017-2018Career Guidance to Mindgroom for Budding Dentists- Whats Next96
2017-2018Career guidance for outgoing students81
2017-2018Dental Practice Management85
2017-2018Study Abroad- Career Guidance for Dental Students72
2017-2018Training Programme-PG -Preparation strategy76
2017-2018How to face an Interview80
2017-2018Career guidance for Nursing Students80
2017-2018PEP Talk- Expanding the scope of speech and language120
2017-2018Career guidance on physiotherapy 38
2017-2018Scope of Occupational Therapy17
2017-2018Planning and preparation for placements384
2017-2018Opportunities in TNPSC284
2017-2018Opportunities in banking sector318
2017-2018Scope and future prospects of higher studies in allied health sciences103
2017-2018Career guidance for AHS students138

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