Covid-19 Management

  • MAHER Contributed Rs. 50 lakhs towards Chief Minister’s relief fund during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Distribution of food, grocery and sanitizers to the people in the villages in and around Kanchipuram district as part of COVID-19 relief measures.
  • Meenakshi Medical College Hospital and Research Institute was recognised for COVID treatment by Government of Tamil Nadu and provided valuable services by treating about more than 700 patients, 7350 RT-PCR tests, and 3400 CT scans.
  • An exclusive 120 bedded COVID-Siddha in-patient facility was inaugurated in the MMCHRI campus on 17.05.2021 by the Honourable Health Minister, Government of Tamil Nadu. Proof
  • Meenakshi Medical College was a recognized COVID vaccination centre
  • COVID care kit supplied to all COVID patients of MMCHRI consisting of Pulse Oximeter, thermometer, PPT kits and toiletries
  • Patient’s attenders were given an update on COVID patients’ status twice a day and were given an opportunity to interact with COVID patients over video calls
  • Periodic Oxygen audit by expert committee of MMCHRI comprising of Respiratory physicians and Anaesthesiologists to prevent wastage of Oxygen
  • An oxygen production plant with a production capacity of 500L/minute is being constructed in MMCHRI campus.
  • Follow-up of COVID patients through home consultation for yoga and other breathing exercises for improving the lung capacity and psychological counselling service for post-COVID conditions wherever necessary.
  • Home oxygen service is provided for the COVID patients discharged from MMCHRI hospital after treatment. Proof
  • The hospital attached to Meenakshi Ammal Dental College has also been recently recognized as an authorized COVID Care hospital by the Dept of Medical and Rural Health Service, Govt of Tamilnadu. Proof
  • Online home care and consultation services from Meenakshi Ammal Dental College during pandemic.
  • MAHER honoured the COVID warriors – including doctors, nurses and health care workers with a certificate of appreciation and financial remuneration.