Central lab (CRL) is a central research facility that provides centralized laboratory, analytical and technical assistance to research fellows, faculty members, post-graduates and students from different disciplines in their research activities. The CRL is established on the first floor of Meenakshi Academy of Higher Education and Research, Deemed to be University, main campus. The CRL is a fully functional well equipped user friendly facility spreads over 1500 sq. feet area provides sufficient space and equipment for multidisciplinary research.

Our mission is to provide research training and guidance to the students Ph.D. Scholars and Investigators, to meet Basic and clinical research requirements, bridging the hospital-clinical research gap and enhancing the competency level of students for their successful carrier.

A well established equipment/instruments available in Central Research lab including RTPCR, ELISA reader and Washer, Spectrophotometer, TLC and Automated Hematology analyzer.

Laminar air flow Passaging of cells and drug treatment of cell lines
Biosafety cabinetTo prepare microbial cultures; to perform DNA and RNA isolation under sterile environment
Gel documentation systemTo view DNA and RNA gels and document the photos
Inverted microscopeObserve magnified images of cells in routine and research applications.
Semi automated analyserQuantitative analysis of biochemical profiles
Submarine electrophoresis unitTo run DNA and RNA for quantitation using gel documentation system; To separate the DNA based on their molecular weight
Vertical slab electrophoresis unitTo separate proteins based on their molecular weight
ELISA plate readerUsed as a diagnostic tool for the quantitative and qualitative analysis of peptides, proteins, hormones, food allergens and microroganisms in various biological specimen
Orbital shaking incubatorTo efficiently obtain culture or plant extracts at constant rpm
Cooling centrifugeIsolation of serum, plasma, White Blood Cells, Platelet Rich Plasma, DNA, RNA, protein etc.
Digital pH meterUsed to find out pH of different solution
Magnetic stirrerUsed for buffer preparation
Hot air ovenTo dry the wet glasswares and plasticwares
Bacteriological incubatorTo grow different types of microorganisms.
RefrigeratorTo store chemicals, kits, drugs, reagents, DNA etc.
Refrigerator II (2 Nos)To store chemicals, kits, drugs, reagents, DNA etc.
Refrigerator IIITo store chemicals, kits, drugs, reagents, DNA etc.
Electronic balanceUsed to weigh the chemicals accurately ranging from 0.01g – 300g.
Vortex mixerFor uniform mixing of solutions; Cell lysis.
Tissue homogenizerTo prepare homogenous solution of tissues, dental plagues, plant extracts etc.
AutoclaveUsed to sterilize media, buffers, glasswares, plasticwares etc for molecular biology, microbiology and basic research.
Water bathFor the incubation of solutions at required temperature.
Short spin centrifugeTo bring the drops on the sides of the tube to the bottom.
Real Time-PCR1. Gene expression analysis. 2. Human genetic testing 3. Diagnosis of infectious diseases
Microwave ovenTo prepare the agarose solution for horizontal gel electrophoresis
Fluorescent microscopeTo study the morphology and viability of living cells and tissues; To quantitatively and qualitatively trace the proteins in cells and tissues.
Bright field microscopeTo analyze the structural morphology of cells for diagnosis of diseases, drug effects etc
Conventional PCRTo perform reverse transcription of RNA; To amplify DNA and cDNA
-80C deep freezerTo store tissues, RNA, protein, biological samples etc at ultralow temperatures.
-40C deep freezerTo store reagents, DNA etc
-20 C Deep FreezerTo store reagents, DNA etc
CO2 incubatorMaintenance and growth of various cell lines for in vitro studies