Students of MAHER-FYST bags awards at 2nd National Yogasana Sports Championship (Senior)

The MAHER FYST B.Sc Yoga Therapy students, M.Gayathri and C.Rohini, who were part of our five-member Tamilnadu State team, have secured second place in the overall championship in the 2nd National Yogasana Sports Championship (Senior) organized by National Yogasana Sports Federation and recognized by the Government of India held at Ahmedabad.

M.Gayathri and C.Rohini  were also honored with Silver Medal in the Artistic Group girls category. They also have secured 4th place for the consolation prize in Artistic pair girls.

The Ph.D. Scholars S.Ezhilarasi and K.Geetha acted as the coach and Manager respectively of the Tamil Nadu team, J.Vijayakumari served as the Manager of the Pondicherry Team. In addition, this Ph.D. Scholars served as judges in the national event.