Museum in an institution is one of the principal resources for teaching and learning. More often than not, they are considered superior to most other educational tools as they allow self-directed learning while helping students to develop better communication skills. In line with the same view, MAHER has established well- maintained museums that display some rare and unique specimens/models to aid in visual learning of the students. In addition, the museums of MAHER are also facilitated with educational models, innovative teaching tools, articulated skeletons, charts, posters with treatment strategies & demonstrations. Museums continue to serve as an irreplaceable educational resource and a great environment for independent and self-directed learning.

Animal House

MAHER has an established “animal research facility” at MMCHRI for conduction of preclinical studies and services. The animal house is the backbone of clinical research activities and is of pivotal importance in a medical institution. The Animal House of MAHER maintains and provides various species and strains of quality animals which are supplied to the researchers of the Institute upon request. It is well-equipped with a separate storage area for experimental animals, washing and procedural area. The Animal House is maintained by the Institutional Animal Ethical Committee registered with the Committee for The Purpose of Control and Supervision on Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA), a statutory body under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. The Committee supervises the usage, assessment, and permissions related to experimental animal studies as per the guidelines of the statutory bodies.

Media Laboratory

In the recent decades, the spectacular advancements in the field of education have been largely possible because of the application of Multimedia. Multimedia has a unique capacity of interactivity which ensures its popularity and greatness. With the advent of technology, integration of multimedia directly into classroom activities and the core curriculum has become extremely feasible and beneficial. Media laboratory facilitates the creation of the multimedia and electronic content for the purpose of interactive teaching and learning. The students can learn at their own pace and access the content multiple times as and when necessary. MAHER is committed to integrate this latest technology into the teaching learning process and has established a fully furnished media laboratory to enable the faculty members to create useful educational content. The media laboratory of MAHER is well-lit and sound proof to provide a disturbance free atmosphere during the creation of content.

Health Informatics

Health informatics combines the field of medicine, information technology to deliver effective health care to patients. MAHER uses health informatics software (Practo) for organizing, storing and managing patient appointments, services rendered, patient follow ups etc. This software provides a hassle free and systematic governance of patient related activities. It reduces patient’s time in the hospital, saving both the doctors’ as well as patients’ time, ensuring efficient health care delivery system. In addition, this software serves as a patient data repository which allows the access to the demographic and epidemiological data of the patients including the prevalence of diseases and age groups or their response to certain treatment strategies etc. This is particularly beneficial to the researchers of the Institution to conduct important research work which subsequently benefits the society at large.

Herbal Garden

Herbal Gardens serve as a collection of important herbs for their conservation and usage for educational and research purposes. The herbal garden of MAHER houses a variety of medicinally important herbs, shrubs and trees spread in a well-defined area. This well-maintained medicinal plant garden serves as a powerful resource for the study of herbal drugs and provides raw materials and fresh plant specimens for pharmaceutical and microbiological research. All the Medicinal Plants are identified and tagged with Binomial nomenclature including Vernacular names, and medicinal application. In addition, it also serves to the purpose of Green campus for MAHER and an attempt towards ensuring conservation and sustainability of the environment.