Prof. Sailer Visit to MIFACE

MIFACE is completing 20 years of service in cleft and craniofacial service to the society. On January 3-4, 2023, we had the honour Prof. Dr. Sailer and Dr. Erica Sailer (The chairman and CEO)  and their entire admin team from Switzerland  at MIFACE to commemorate MIFACE’s milestone anniversary of 20 years of affiliation with Cleft Children International, Switzerland.

Prof. Dr. Sailer paid a visit to our campus and institution, shared his opinions and suggestions for future development, and spent his valuable time assessing our patients and having in-depth case-by-case discussions with about 50 patients in the hospital ward. He also proposed a number of cutting-edge surgical management strategies for complicated craniofacial situations. They have congratulated the entire team of MIFACE for targeting 10000 surgeries in the last 20 years.  They also paid homage and respect to our beloved chancellor Late Mr Radhakrishnan as he was instrumental in giving doctorate to Dr Erica for herculian task of funding nearly 1 lakh children all over the world. 

We appreciate the kind hospitality shown by our management in organizing the entire occasion.