Research Advisory Council

MAHER is committed to promote research and innovation among its faculty members, students and scholars so as to enhance their professional prowess while giving back significantly to the society. With this vision in mind, MAHER has established various committees in their constituent colleges for systematic execution of research related activities. The overall supervision is done by the Board of Research, MAHER which is further advised by a superior body-The Research Advisory Council (RAC). MAHER has established the RAC to guide and recommend the Board of Research in matters related to research and development. The RAC consists of experts from within the Institution as well as a large percentage of members from outside of the Institution, from diverse geographic regions and backgrounds with distinct achievement in their respective fields. The diversity in the Council provides a myriad of perspective and culmination of expert ideas that directs MAHER to excel in the area of scientific research and innovation. MAHER fosters the highest level of research environment within the Institution under the expertise and direction of the RAC.

1Dr. R S Neelakandan, Internal member and Convener Vice chancellor,
2Dr. D. Chamundeeswari, Internal memberRegistrar,
3Dr. Sureka V, Internal member Dean Research,
4Dr. KV Rajasekar, Internal memberDean,
5Dr. N Velmurugan, Internal memberPrincipal,
6Dr. Fabiola Dhanraj, Internal memberPrincipal,
7Dr. Ranganathan K, External memberProf and Head, Oral Pathology, Ragas Dental
8Dr. Muthu Murugan, External memberCECCR, Faculty of Dental Sciences, SRIHER,
9Dr. E. Sukumar, External memberEmeritus Scientist in the Division of Ethnopharmacology &Phytochemistry Research Institute, Loyola College,
10Dr. Suresh Babu, External memberSenior Principal Scientist , CSIR ,
11Dr. Vijayalekshmi Venkateshan, External memberSenior Scientist, ICMR NIN,