Certificate Course on Tally

A significant educational initiative for women was launched through a collaborative effort between MAHER and the Rotary Club of Kilpauk on 16th August 2023. The inauguration of the Certificate Course on Tally for 124 students pursuing their final year of graduation marked the commencement of a knowledge-packed journey designed to equip participants with essential accounting skills using the Tally software. Honorable Members of the Rotary Club of Kilpauk such as Rtn.Mukund Kumar Bhaiya, Rtn Preeti Ganeriwala, Rtn. PCR Suresh, Rtn Tarun Agarwal, Rtn. Padmasree graced the event with their presence.

The event underscored the importance of acquiring modern accounting skills in a rapidly evolving business landscape. The collaboration between MAHER and Rotary Club of Kilpauk was acknowledged as a commendable step towards fostering skill development and knowledge enhancement.

Certificate Course on Tally will be conducted in collaboration with ICA Edu Skills Pvt.Ltd & FICCO FLO to improve the chance of employability for women. The course curriculum, designed to cover key Financial aspects such as ledger management, invoicing, inventory control, and financial reporting, was highlighted. The practical nature of the course, involving hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios, was emphasized to provide participants with tangible skills.

The event concluded on a promising note, with participants eagerly anticipating the learning experiences that await them in the realm of modern accounting practices.