Overall Library Resources

 Sl.No. Library Resources Available Number of  Library Resources Total NumberLink to the Relevant document
1Library BooksWEBLINK
·         Number of Text books3612347354
·         Number of Reference books 11231
2Journals (Print)WEBLINK
·         Number of National Journals171287
·         Number of International Journals116
3Number of e-contents in CD formate-books- 22592348WEBLINK
4Digitalized Traditional Manuscript/ BooksWEBLINK
·         Rare Books ( Sanskrit)131144
·         Palm Leaf manuscript2
·         Ancient Manuscript(Yoga)11
5Online e-Subscriptions and Memberships 10 Digital Library Database & Membershipse- Journals – 27823WEBLINK
e-Books – 2027295

Details of library e-subscription and membership

S. NoDetails of the documentLink for the documents
1e-Copy of subscription letter/membership letter or related documentWeblink
2Library e-resources with full text accessWeblink
3Library e-subscription and membership screenshotsWeblink
4Remote Access for e-subscriptions and membership – KnimbusWeblink