Institution’s Innovation Council

        1.Name of start-up:

               Optimal oncology Private Limited

         Name of Founder: Dr. VijayaKumar Varadhan & Mr. Raaj Parekh — Founder & CEO,

 Details:  Optimal Oncology, based out of Chennai, India is led by a select team of  multi-disciplinary experts and brings to you Smart Cancer Hospitals with a vision “Lets Defeat Cancer”. This is a hybrid offering of, brick-n-mortar smart hospitals and cutting-edge proprietary software called NAiOmi. They  have planned to open 27 centres in next 4 years across South India. These asset-light comprehensive cancer treatment centers will be set-up in partnership with non-oncology mid-size hospitals. NAiOmi (Novel Ai & Omics) CDSS, is our core module, this will enable our in-house oncologists to administer latest evidence-based treatments  at our cancer centers, across rural India, ensuring improved patient outcomes.NAiOmi software platform comprises of 7 modules (Early Detect I Intelli-Health Vault I Virtual Hybrid Consultation I CDSS I Virtual Molecular Tumor Board I Online Onco Pharmacy I Electronic Patient Companion)    

           2. Name of start-up:

            Dent-In House

            Name of Founder Dr. S Arun Kumar, Senior Lecturer, SVDCH

Details: The world population is presently experiencing population aging. In India About 8% of older Indians were confined to their home or bed.  And about 2.68 Cr persons are ‘disabled’ which is 2.21% of the total population.  For many of them access to dental care remains a distant dream, because of their constraint with ambulation with ambulation. So there is need for a strategy to tackle this. One such strategy would be to provide dental services at their homes.  “dent IN HOUSE” has been doing the same for the past one year.

 Date of Incubation with MAHER Incubation centre: 20-9-2020.

          3. Name  of start-up:

           Mandibular lingual flap retractor

           Name of Incubatee: Dr Thomas Zachariah,Professor, Meenakshi Ammal Dental College

Details: Retraction of the lingual flap for protection of the lingual nerve is a fundamental requirement for mandibular impacted third molar surgery and mandibular sagittal-split ramus osteotomy (SSRO). Both these procedures can result in a high incidence of lingual nerve injuries if adequate protection of the nerve is not undertaken. Presently, there is a lack of any effective retractor for the lingual flap. Most surgeons use the blunt end of a periosteal elevator (Molt or Howarth) for lingual flap retraction and nerve protection in third molar surgery and SSRO. However, these elevators sometimes result in inadvertent lingual nerve injury and the narrow design of the instrument does not offer complete nerve protection for the obvious reason that it was not designed for lingual flap retraction. Presently the only retractor commercially available for lingual flap retraction is the Browne’s Lingual Retractor but the instrument with its s-shaped pattern is bulky and cumbersome to use in the confined surgical field of third molar surgery and SSRO. The mandibular lingual flap retractor is a surgical retractor used for the retraction of the lingual flap in mandibular third molar surgery and sagittal-split ramus osteotomy (SSRO). The gentle flexure of the blade with its length and width of 3 x 1.5 cm allows adequate lingual flap retraction and thus generous lingual nerve protection. The amount of retraction can be controlled by the traction on the handle and the depth of insertion of the blade. The retractor can be used for both the left and right sides.

Date of Incubation with MAHER Incubation centre: 20-9-2020.