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Our Incubatee

Who Can Apply

  • Students / faculties / alumni / of MAHER Institute.
  • Applicants can be individual innovator or early stage start-ups too.
  • Applicants can be Innovators from other institutes / individual innovators

Steps for Application

The Call for Ideas for Incubation will be announced in June every year in the website. The application will be screened by a panel of experts for the novelty of idea and the potential to be commercialization. Selected projects will be mentored, space and infrastructure required will be provided (if needed) and funded (if required , individual need basis). After the selection of the proposals a letter of intent and a MoU agreement will be signed between the incubation centre of University and the investigator (annexure 2 and 3). Projects must be completed within 2 years of the signing of MoU. Project report must be submitted annually.